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Two condoms are safer than one. This article below explains in detail why theories about latex, friction, and tears are meaningless in the setting of actual sex. Many factors effect the performance of a condom, including vaginal juice, pre-semen, artificial lubrication, and oxygen. Read article for details, and learn the difference between theoretical safe sex and practical safe sex.

It is bad to wear two condoms at once friction is the main problem. One will slip off. Might even cause the second to break. Why the heck do you want two? Use some anti spermisicide cream. Get a bigger size if they break on you all the time.

There are two reasons to wear two condomsNeither of which is valid anymore.

The first is for disease prevention when one of the partners is allergic to latex. Here you would use one latex condom and one skin condom. If the female partner is allergic you put the latex sheath on first, then the skin one; if the man is allergic the skin condom goes on first. Latex-sensitive people now use polyurethane condoms.

The other is part of an old-wives' tale. Supposedly if you're a premature ejaculator you can slow yourself down by using two condoms to desensitize the penis. I guess it works but it's not really all that safe. Premature ejaculators can now buy condoms with topical anesthetic gel inside the tip--put one of these on and you won't be able to feel your penis for at least half an hour. But whatever you do, do NOT screw up and put one of these on inside out!

Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong . Rookie mistake. The friction WILL tear both condoms, and then you are in a world of trouble.

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Q: Is it bad to wear 2 condoms at once?
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Many people who engage in particularly risky types of sexual activity wear 2 condoms at once, but that is the most that you would ever want to wear. I do not believe that you would be significantly safer with 4 condoms than you are with 2. If 2 condoms are not enough for you, I can recommend different sexual techniques that don't even require condoms. Try frottage.

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