Is it bad when you are 13-years-old and weigh 143 pounds if you want to lose 15 pounds and are trying not to eat for a couple of days?

It is very bad for your adolescent body to avoid eating for any length of time. At this stage of life your body is developing and growing and needs the calories to do so. If you deny your body the calories it needs it may not develop or grow correctly. The proper way to lose weight is by limiting the number of calories you eat and by burning those calories through regular, moderate exercise. If you feel you must lose weight, please check with your pediatrician (children's doctor) to see if you really need to. If so, he/she can give you a nutrition plan which will not only show you how many calories you need but also what are the best foods for you to eat. ~okay... it really depends on your doctor's thoughts. if he says your overweight, DON'T starve yourself. Either eat healthier and/ or exersize more. NEVER EVER EVER starve yourself. It is very unhealthy and could lead to death, eating diorders, oreven weight GAIN!! So talk to and adult... preferably your doctor. also you need to eat in order to be healthy eat good foods.