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Is it best to take laxatives before or after you eat to get the food out?

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Save for the fact the person below is quite right, they are also quite wrong. Laxatives do cause you to lose weight after taking them in excess for a long period of time. At first, laxatives keep the body from absorbing water by coating the GI tract and the stomach. After excessive use, however, laxatives coat these organs enough to keep the body from absorbing fat, but only a little, as food is alrady broken down by the time it gets to one's GI.

  • Actually what really happens, is that it does not work at all. Go to Once the food gets to your GI tract system food is already broken down. Laxatives just get rid of excess water weight by forcing you to have more frequent bowel movements. Its false weight loss.
  • = Laxatives Unsafe and Ineffective For Weight Reduction: =
    • Most of the weight lost is water loss, not fat loss.
    • By speeding up the digestive process, laxatives can reduce the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and leave the individual weak and dehydrated.
    • Long-term use of laxatives upsets the mechanism of the colon. This can make the individual dependent on laxative pills for regular bowel movements. (Colon-cleansing does not cure this problem.) Colon problems will eventually become a future problem for individuals who persist on misusing them.
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If you know you will be eating food containing laxatives sometime in the near future is there anything you can eat or take before to lessen the effects?

if you know you are eating the food with laxatives then my advice is to stop ask your doctor to help you ensure a balanced diet and he will go over the food that contain laxatives and food in witch is safe, your health can be Seville damaged by laxatives and you can have a stroke or heart attack,

The best thing to do for constipation is to take laxatives?

No. Laxatives are very dangerous. If a person is constapated, they should do things naturally. This means to eat a lot of food high in fiber / take fiber supplements and to drink plenty of water.

When is the best time to take laxatives after eating to reduce calories?

After you eat a heavy meal....

What can you take to get diarrhea?


Is it best to take laxative before or after you eat?

Laxatives are only supposed to be used when you're constipated, They are not to be used as a weight loss tool and can actually cause you permanent damage if used as such.

How do bulimics use laxatives?

they might take it before a binge like in the am and then eat and it comes out so yeah

Will taking laxitives help you lose weight?

laxative's naturally made for when people can not produce a successful bowel movement. By stimulating the rate of bowel activity, the laxatives prevent the large intestine from absorbing food, where normally, the maximum food gets absorbed. This means that laxatives conduce rapid movement of food from bowel to the exterior, before absorption of food can take place. Regular intake of laxatives affects fat absorption in the body, resulting in diarrhea. The food ingested passes through the body without getting absorbed, thereby preventing any weight gain.

Is fruit taken before food or after food?

you should take it before food there is a reason for it,. a medical reason its healthy to take it before and not good to take after food,.

How many laxatives do bulimics take each day?

It depends on the person, some might not take any laxatives, and some might take way too many.

Do you take evening primrose oil before or after food?

Do you take evening primrose oil before or after food? I had the same question and found this website that said yes, take with food Best, punya

Can you take paracetamol and Laxatives together?

of course you can

How long can you take laxatives without doing any damage?

That's not really possible. Laxatives do damage - even if it is just minor - every time you take them.

What to eat after a barium enema?

take lots of laxatives

Can laxatives make you sick?

If you take too much of them.

How do you lose 5 pounds overnight?

take laxatives in small amounts before you eat, and drink a lot of water to flush out your water weight

When to take urilizer after food or before food?


If you take laxatives before taking Adderall will the Adderall still work the same?

as long as the laxative does not have a stimulant. You may use colace, senna, etc..

What happens when you take laxatives and dont eat anything?

You will deydrate...

Is it okay to drink alcohol and take laxatives?

i think so!!

Is it okay to take laxatives for constipation?

Of course it is, if it is ok with your PCP and other physicians, if you follow instructions carefully, and if you do not become dependent on them. Your physicians should know about otc laxatives that you take, and about how you take them (frequency, dose, etc).

How long after you take a laxative should you eat?

Normally, people take laxatives after they eat. Laxatives can be very harsh on the body and dangerous, though, so they should not be taken often or at all.

When to take cremaffin plus syrup after or before food?

It is always best to take medicines according to the instructions your physician gives you. However, since Cremaffin Plus is a laxative, it would probably best be taken at night before bed, which would mean after your food for the day has been consumed.

What is the best laxative to take?

Here are some natural laxatives Pear juice A teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Orange juice and olive oil. Even cranberry and prune juice are very good laxatives and natural colon cleansers.

How many bowel movements does it take to fill up a bathtub?

Just a really big one. If I were you I would eat a very large vindaloo the night before and take loads of laxatives.

Should you take albendazole tablet after food or before food?

after food