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Is it best to take laxatives before or after you eat to get the food out?

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2009-12-16 01:56:50

Save for the fact the person below is quite right, they are also

quite wrong. Laxatives do cause you to lose weight after taking

them in excess for a long period of time. At first, laxatives keep

the body from absorbing water by coating the GI tract and the

stomach. After excessive use, however, laxatives coat these organs

enough to keep the body from absorbing fat, but only a little, as

food is alrady broken down by the time it gets to one's GI.

  • Actually what really happens, is that it does not work at all.

    Go to Once the food gets to your GI tract system food is

    already broken down. Laxatives just get rid of excess water weight

    by forcing you to have more frequent bowel movements. Its false

    weight loss.

  • = Laxatives Unsafe and Ineffective For Weight Reduction: =

    • Most of the weight lost is water loss, not fat loss.
    • By speeding up the digestive process, laxatives can reduce the

      absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and leave the

      individual weak and dehydrated.

    • Long-term use of laxatives upsets the mechanism of the colon.

      This can make the individual dependent on laxative pills for

      regular bowel movements. (Colon-cleansing does not cure this

      problem.) Colon problems will eventually become a future problem

      for individuals who persist on misusing them.

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