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Is it better to buy a Nintendo Wii bundle or buy them separately?


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Buy the bundle because its not that expensive.


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The standard Wii bundle contains the console, one Wii mote and Nunchuck and the Wii sports game. This is the only official bundle available from Nintendo, however many retailers create there own discounted bundles.

Nintendo is the company that makes wii

Nintendo Wii of course!

Nintendo wii is better

This is dependent on what model is desired, a Nintendo Wii, or Wii U can be purchased as a bundle at any electronics or department store. Older models such as Gamecube or Nintendo64 can be purchased at specialty game stores. The older models may come in a bundle, but it may not be an official Nintendo bundle.

Nintendo 64 is better...unless u play mariokart wii

For $129.99 you can get a Pre-OwnedNintendo Wii (White) w/ basic necessities and wii sports*For $144.97 you can get a Pre-Owned*Nintendo Wii Refurbished Armageddon Bundle (Nintendo Wii w/ basic necessities and Mortal Kombat and House of the Dead: Overkill)*For $169 you can get a brand new*Nintendo Wii (White or Black) Bundle which includes necessities, wii sports, wii sports resort, and wii motion plusFor $152.96 you can get a refurbishedNintendo Wii with basic necessities, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Other M, and Star Wars Clone Wars: Light Saber Duel*For $189.97 you can get a brand new*Nintendo Wii Nyko Accessory Bundle (the $169 offer plus Nyko accessories)*For $209.97 you can get a Brand New*Nintendo Wii Michael Jackson Bundle (the $169 offer plus Michael Jackson the Experience game and Michael Jackson This Is It DVD)For $249.97 you can get a Brand NewNintendo Wii for Two Black Bundle (The $169 offer plus double the controllers and motion plus controllers)*Online only priceI really hope that this was able to help!

The basic Nintendo Wii bundle includes the console and all attachments (AC adapter & AV cable). It also includes one Wii remote and the Wii Sports games. There are a variety of other bundles that can include other games and extra remotes.

Currently there are no packs for the Nintendo Wii other then the usual Wii Sports combo.

Wii Bundles range in price from around $250 to $400 depending on the accessories and games you choose in your bundle. The Wii console is $199 by itself, and when you bundle it, you usually want to buy another remote, a nunchuk or two, a couple of games and maybe a sports accessory pack. Its less expensive to buy a Wii bundle than the individual items separately. Did you know you can even design your own Wii bundle?

Both systems are old and it is the game version system combo that you should be looking at for best for Karaoke. For Instance Disney Sing it for PS3 or Nintendo Wii or Def Jam Rapstar Bundle for PS3 Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. Karaoke Revolution Bundle is also available for all 3 systems

if it comes with the wii, then its the size of a Nintendo ds case. if you get it separately, it is the size of a DVD case.

The are many differences between the Nintendo wii u and the Nintendo wii. The Nintendo wii u has better graphics, larger storage space and it is slightly bigger in size. However the biggest difference is that the wii u comes with a gamepad and supports chat.

Yes, you do need a Nintendo Wii Console to be able to use Wii Draw. You also have to buy the games separately.

There is no such bundle available for the Wii. However, you can buy a copy of Super Mario Sunshine, along with getting Super Mario 64 from the Wii Shop Channel, and play them on a Wii.

for gaming, the wii, for music listening, the itouch.

The DS version is good for taking to places but if your just at home then the Wii version is probably better.

Nintendo Wii is better cause it has drybones and hammer bro in it and it has more minigames and it has a story mode for Mario party 8 for the Wii

Much prefer the Wii - more games, better quality of display and audio, and it's just a lot better overall. Your opinion though :)

The Wii or Nintendo Wii has been officially named the "Wii" by Nintendo. Not the Nintendo Wii, the Wii. The Nintendo Wii and the Wii are both the same thing. Many people call the Wii the Nintendo Wii because it's from Nintendo and all of Nintendo's prior consoles had the name Nintendo in their trademark. Here's the simple answer No a Wii is the short version for Nintendo Wii (Duh)

The special edition RED WII came out during the holidays of 2010 it was released by nintendo as a bundle recognizing the 25th anniversary of the super mario bros. Included in the bundle was the special edition red wii and 2 gaes; the NEW SUPER MARIO BROS.WII and Wii Sports. also featured in the bundle was the wii remote and nunchuck with wii motion plus built into the remote. I hope that answers the question for you!

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