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Wait until the bankruptcy is discharged.

Dear Lord, yes, wait until the debt is discharged! Otherwise you will get stuck with horrendous interest rates which, even if you can afford the resulting inflated monthly payments, will take forever to build any positive equity in the vehicle. And remember that a discharged debt is not the same as a charged-off will still owe a charged-off debt.

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Can a discharged bankruptcy be reinstated?

Discharged Bankruptcy normally means that it was a successful bankruptcy and the debt slate is now clean. But if your bankruptcy has been dismissed by the court you can file to have it reinstated. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you file to reinstate your dismissed bankruptcy case. You must include the reason the case was dismissed, why it failed and how it will be better if the case is reinstated.

Is a dismissed or discharged bankruptcy better on a credit report?

In theory a dismissed BK should be removed from a CR in seven years. A discharged BK, in ten years. Equifax, however will usually inform the consumer that they will carry both for the full ten. The reality is neither is better, they are both very damaging to a person's credit history.

Can a bankruptcy court keep a debtor from marrying?

You can, but depending on the type of bankruptcy, household expenses and income may be reexamined for the settlement. It would be more simple to wait until the bankruptcy has been discharged. It also might be better for your own finances to carefully evaluate how you will manage finances as a couple.

Do you have to pay back paydayloans when your are bankruptcy?

No, they should be listed with all debts you want discharged, provided they were made before you filed. If the payday loans were borrowed before you declared bankruptcy and they are discharged make sure you do not pay back a penny on this debt, or you will owe it!! Payday lenders know how to use every trick and how to use the legal system better than you do!

If you can not pay a judgment against you is it better to file a bankruptcy?

Hope you had a lawyer defending you against the judgment suit. You can use one now. Many, if not most judgments will not be discharged in BK.

How long after a bankruptcy is discharged should you wait to get the best interest rate?

after about 6 years you should get a good rate of interest with a much better chance of not being turned down for credit.

How long does it take for your credit to get better after you are discharged from Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Your credit score starts going up the minute the bankruptcy is filed. Debts incurred after the filing (even the day after), are exempt from the bankruptcy. If you make house and/or car payments on time, your score goes up Legally, they can hold it for up to 10 years.

Can you refile for bankruptcy as an individual after dismissing a joint petition?

Possibly. If there were no creditors complaining, (Motion for Relief from stay) then you should have no problems. Note though that you may have issues getting the first bankruptcy dismissed. Also, you may be better off letting the bankruptcy continue as a joint peition just to save the headache of refiling. Debts are discharged either way.

Is it better to declare bankruptcy or have your car repossessed?

BK only stops the repo process until the BK is discharged. BK does not mean you can keep the car without paying for it. My opinion? Give the car back.

If an account is closed by a credit grantor why would the card holder continue to make payments after bankruptcy findings are closed?

The card holder is under no legal obligation for the card holder to continue making payments after filing for bankruptcy, unless the case is dismissed without a discharge. There are some who believe that they can improve their credit rating by pay off debts that were discharged in a bankruptcy, but I believe there are better methods to reestablish credit after bankruptcy.

If the IRS and State are taking money from your checking account and payroll check for personal taxes will declaring bankruptcy stop this?

In general, Federal tax lien are not able to be discharged through bankruptcy. You didn't mention what state you are in, but whether or not state taxes would be exempt would depend on applicable law. You should consult a bankruptcy attorney for exact answers to this question.The short-term answer is yes - filing bankruptcy will stop a garnishment and IRS bank levy from continuing. However, if the taxes are not going to be discharged in the bankruptcy then this only a short-term solution.I would recommend checking with a tax firm who specialize in debt resolution. There is probably a better way to fix this than filing bankruptcy, preferably a way that will not affect your credit rating any further.

Can you go bankrupt if you work and can afford to pay the debts them off?

You can but its a last resort for so many reasons. Bankruptcy follows you even after you are discharged so be very wary. The stigma with bankruptcy is extremely negative and the likelihood of someone finding your history after you are released from bankruptcy especially in a techological age is certain. Options if you have employment and can repay is debt arrangements, refinancing and garnishee orders. Companies to who you owe debts will invariably seek garnishee orders before bankruptcy because they will eventually get their money. All I can say is don't look at bankruptcy as the panacea of debt problems. Find a debt assistance service. Your future will be so much better served if you can demonstrate you had issues and you resolved them rather than reverting to the all too simple bankruptcy.

Is bankruptcy worse for your credit than having a judgment against you and paying back the debt?

Yes. Paying back is obviously viewed better than not doing so...regardless, or maybe especially if, the amount not paid was legally discharged.

Which is better to file bankruptcy or voluntary repossession?

file bankruptcy that bay you wont loose your stuff

Is it better or worse for your credit to let the bank foreclose on a mortgage of a second property while facing bankruptcy?

A foreclosure or bankruptcy is never good for your credit, this is something you'd be better off discussing with an attorney. You can avoid foreclosure by filing bankruptcy.

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Am preparing to file chapter 7 but cannot find out what to do with IRS debt know it cannot be discharged but should still list it and then try to make arrangements to pay IRS after bankruptcy?

Talk with your bankruptcy attorney. Also, make an appointment with a councelor at your local IRS Field Office. Take all information you have received to date from IRS. It is much better to talk to a local agent face-to-face than try to deal with IRS over the phone. Yes, list it. Even if it cannot be discharged, you still want it listed so that the IRS is given notice that you have entered bankruptcy. I would NOT recommend telling the IRS you are going into bankruptcy. If they know you are about to go into bankruptcy, they will file a tax lien (and if you don't already have one, then you don't want one). The court will notify them once you have filed your petition as long as you list them as a creditor.

Bankrupty or foreclosure which is best?

bankruptcy is better. If you have to decide foreclose or banko, put your house in bankruptcy. When you have a foreclosure, they can sue you for the balance

What do you write on an application form if discharged after a trial period of employment?

you left for a better job

When can a car be repossessed after bankruptcy is filed?

you better go look in you driveway

What if you file chapter 7 will you still owe creditors if you have a corporation?

To the extent of your personal guarantee for the corporate debt, or if both you and the corporation borrowed the money, you will not owe anything if the debts are discharged in your personal chapter 7. If the corporation has any assets, it will be subject to lawsuits and attachments by the creditors. You should discuss the situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, as it may be better to wind up the corporation before filing a personal bankruptcy.

If I file for bankruptcy can I still refinance my mortgage?

You would probably be better off refinancing your mortgage first and then applying for bankruptcy later on. My mom had to file for bankruptcy due to credit card debt she could not pay.

Is bankruptcy or consolidation better for your credit?

If the referrence is to a consolidation loan then that depending on the party's financial situation would be a better choice than BK. If the issue is whether a chapter 7 or 13 BK is the best choice, it is always preferable to pay debts even partially. However both are detrimetal to credit history. A 7 remains for 10 years a 13 when satisfactorily discharged remains for 7.AnswerAlways debt consolidation is far better. Bankruptcy should be your last resort as it affects your credit score badly for years to come. In debt consolidation you pay the debt consolidation company the repayment amount and they will inturn pay your creditors in such a way that your rate of interest is reduced. You can even go for debt settlement where your debt levels are reduced.

How soon can you refinance after bankruptcy?

I can finance you one day out of bankruptcy....of course you will pay a much higher rate than those with good credit. After two years you can begin to get more favorable rates (through a knowledgeable mortgage broker, not a mortgage company). Contact me at Depending on the type of Bankruptcy, you may be able to refinance as soon as it is discharged. If you filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have a better chance at getting financing than if you filed Chapter 7. Of course, with over 700 lenders at our disposal, we can probably get you financing either way. Call Allied Home Mortgage Capital...281-684-8580 and let's see what we can do for you.