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I think it's terrible that people even ask this kind of a question. Your health is YOUR concern and decisions shouldn't be left to insurance companies. In CA under AB 1672 employer groups between 2 - 49 employees are guaranteed issue and pre - existing condition clauses give you credit for the time that you were covered under a prior plan. So, insurance wise, it probably makes no difference. Take care of your health. Your the one who lives in your body, not the insurance company.

2008-07-30 14:05:51
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Annual physical examinations and routine screening procedures are referred to as what?

preventive health care services

Explain social health influence physical health?

If you have social health, it might want you to get in better shape. i learned that from my health textbook.

Does madicare covers annual physical examination?

Read you Health Insurance Booklet/policy. Most do cover an annual health check-up. Save your consultation papers, receipts and bills, you may have to hand these when claiming

What is a benefit of physical activity for physical health?

Physical activity makes you feel better, look better, and gives you energy if you keep up your work out routines.

How can you use health knowledge to improve the physical component of your health?

When people are educated about physical health, it can help them improve their life. Learning about the benefits of physical activity and how to keep fit will equip people with the tools they need to better their physical fitness.

How important id lifelong physical activity to keeping better health?


Which company is a better health insurance carrier in Denver area?

I would suggest Everything and The Kitchen Sink Health Insurance Company. It will be perfect for you and your family. It is only $5,000 a month, you will have $2,500 co-pay, it does not cover major medical or prescriptions but it will cover your annual physical exams.

What is the definition of physical health?

Physical health means a motion health

Can we say mental and physical health or physical and mental health?

You can say "mental and physical health". You can also say "physical and mental health". So both are completely acceptable.

Is hiv test includes in annual health check up?

Does annual health check up includes hiv test

How do physical health affect mental health?

physical health when weak there is no ability to think

Explain physical health?

physical health is a nutrition of our body...

Is cooking a talent?

Yes, it is. Cooking is like anything else, some people are better than other. It helps to be passionate about it. If you didn't learn it from your family you better start learning. Your physical health and even financial health will depend on it...When used as a noun, cooking is defined as "the art, or practice of food preparation". See link provided:

Does sleep help you concentrate?

Yes it does, the more sleep u get the better ur mental & physical health will be.

What percent of your annual income is safe to spend on health related insurance?

what percent of your annual income is safe to spend on health related insurance?

Which expression is correct mental and physical health or physical and mental health?

Body's physical health is interconnected and cannot be separated from your body's mental health. One affects the other.

Can your emotions affect your physical health?

Yes emotions can affect physical health in many cases. They affect brain, which affects the physical health of person.

What effect does good physical health have on one's mental health?

When you improve your physical health, you'll automatically ... you make affect the way you feel physically and emotionally. Get enough rest. To have good mental and emotional health, it's important to take care of your body. ... and how it affects your energy and mood, the better you can feel.

What is the salary of a health psychologist?

Unfortunately doctors of health psych get about 40k annual

How does mental health effect individuals?

Mental health is part of overall health, so if a person suffers from a mental health problem they also tend to suffer from overall poor health. Good mental health, in contrast, can help a person with a physical problem (such as asthma or diabetes) manage their symptoms better and maintain a better overall health status even with a chronic disease.

How do you know that someone is experiencing physical health?

You now it when someone gets sick they feel deprest and they do not want to do anything with excercicing

How does physical activity benefit your emotional health?

A good physical regimen can help to naturally lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and in general make you feel better. You will have a better appetite, sleep better,etc. When you physically feel better, your mind can function more clearly.

Is there anything medicine type that can make you the hulk?

No, at least none that has been invented yet. There are drugs that can make you bulky but those are hazardous to your health, both physical and mental health.

Will any physical activity contribute to health?

no not all physical activity can contribute to your heath because it doesn't always do anything , you need to do 60 minutes ad day for it to contribute

What does physical health mean?

It means the physical/visual health of your body, how healthy you are physically