Is it better to get a master's degree in accounting or take the CPA test with just a bachelor's?

In the great state of Texas, you have to have 150 semester hours to become a CPA.(The rules are governed by the states, and although similar, are not the same from state to state) In the past, only 120 hours was required. Many universities now have a 150 hour program for accounting, after which you will have a bachelors and 30 extra credits. However, the additional 30 hours can be any undergrad college courses. I personally feel that the masters in accounting would be more helpful IN PASSING THE EXAM than another course of study, BUT many people, myself included, passed the exam with only a bachelors degree (prior to the new 150 hour requirement) You may feel that another course of study will be more helpful IN YOUR CAREER PATH. Answer #2: I beg to differ, I think it is better to save money and take the extra 30 credits at a 2 year community college to save money. I took 30 credits in whatever I wanted, then I got my 60 credit associate's degree, for a total of 90 credits. Then, I went on to a 4 year university to finish my last 2 years(60 credits) and bachelor's degree. This gave me a total of 150 credits and I didn't need a master's and I only spent 2 years at a 4 year school.