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If the guy that was so crazy in love with you, then why are you with another guy? He couldn't have treated you all that well. Just by chance if he was a great guy, you made a mistake then yes, I would choose someone I love over someone that I felt was more of a friend than a lover. Don't do the guy you are with any favors and cheat him out of real love. That's cruel, selfish and demeaning. Many young women love the bad, wild child in men and just "gotta tame that guy" and they think they are just the ones to do it. I don't think so! There is nothing exciting about a man that appears wild, when in all reality they are either jerks, selfish or lack the maturity to fit into society or take any responsibility in life. Give me a shy guy, a nice guy, one with a good sense of humor and someone I know I can count on anytime. I know who I am and I like my independence so I don't need to lean on a man 100% and also consider his feelings, wants and needs. That's love! Good luck Marcy you should never marry anybody that you don't love with everything you have! it isn't fair to the guy and it isn't fair to yourself because the marriage probably won't last! as for the guy who is madly in love you with you.... weigh heavily on who he is and why you are even in this dilema.. go with your instinct there is no right answer that someone can give you when it comes to matters of the heart!

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