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Neither is the best choice for such a serious decision. As Elizabeth Elliot said, "It is better to want something and not have it than to have it and not want it." From my own experience, I would say that waiting would be better than choosing either of the two senarios you've presented. ALL relationships are about give AND take. (Not only marriage)
You can't be doing one thing all the time, everyone has a breaking point.
If someone constantly loves you and doesn't feel you care, at some point that relationship WILL breakdown. Although the time it can take to reach that point will vary greatly among everyone. Find the balance and give what you can, no regrets later on...Best of Luck!!

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Is it better to marry someone who loves you more than you love them?

Definately not...marry because you want to and love - love that is equally shared between two people.

Why can you not marry Zac Efron?

because he has his own choice and he SHOULD MARRY SOMEONE HE LOVES

You loves someone and the other person loves you but you both have someone else?

you dump the uglyier one and marry the other!!!!! works every time, trust me. have a nice life!!!!!

Your penis size is 4 inches can you marry?

You can marry someone if you've got a 1 inch penis. A girl should marry you cause she loves you not for your penis size.

Is it better to marry someone who is more in love with you than you are with them?


Which is better to marry someone before or after our baby is born?


What is the most successful month to marry and stay married?

The best month to marry is when you have a partner who is someone who loves you, will change as you change, and who will always work with you to make the relationship better. That aside, avoid December and any other time when there are stresses of high holidays.

Should you marry someone who loves you when im older?

I think age is only a number. Marry for love and never mind anybody elses opinion.

How can one get marry with a girl who doesn't love him?

It wouldn't be wise to marry someone who doesn't love you. Find a girl who loves you. I am sure you will find one!!

Why does Edward want to marry Bella?

He loves her and she loves him!

Can you marry someone who is in the US illegally?

Yes you can. The better question is SHOULD you?

How do you propose a girl who loves somebody else?

You don't. Why would you want to marry someone that doesn't even love you? Its not worth it!

Why would a man marry someone just because of his family even though he loves you?

Ever watch Pride and Prejudice?

What if your boyfriend says he loves you?

marry him

What sign should a Sagittarius woman marry?

A Sagittarius woman should marry the man she loves. His sign will be totally irrelevant. So a Sagittarius woman can marry any of the 12 signs. Marry someone based on their personality, and remember that their personality is not defined by when they were born.

Is Tia mowry married?

yes she is to Cory she is so happy about being his wife it has been her dream to marry someone she loves and cares about

What do you do if you're married but in love with someone else who loves you too?

you would have to say to your wife you want to divorce her and marry the girl you love.

What would it take for you to live a better life?

Marry a not a rich but in other words a successful man that loves you not for how you look but how you look inside(:

Will Chris Brown marry me?

Chris Brown will only marry you if he knows you and loves you.

How do you know if that guy of urs really loves you and wants to marry you?

Has he ask you to marry! (NO) Then he does not!

Who spurned Pip in Great Expectations?

Estella spurns Pip when he tells her he loves her. She has no love in her heart. She will marry someone else, not for love but for money.

Does Aang marry Toph?

No, he loves Katara.

What he means when he wants to marry someone like you?

It's possible he means someone like you, but with slightly better skills at phrasing a sentence.

Is it only on a Leap Year when a woman can ask a man to marry her?

Some men may be too shy or feel the woman he loves will refuse to marry him or, he may be afraid to commit so some women will force the issue of getting married rather than wasting their future on someone that will not commit and this happens every year for many and has nothing to do with a Leap Year.

Who loves coles?

Simeon Loves Coles Sooooooo Much!!!! And he also wants to marry it(and you haahhahahah)