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an innocent man guilty

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Q: Is it better to prove an innocent man guilty or a guiltyman innocent?
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How do you prove that your innocent of a crime?

(in the US) You don't have to prove you're innocent - the prosecutor has to prove that you're guilty.

Do you have to prove you are innocent or does the state of Florida have to prove you are guilty?


How do you prove you are innocent?

(in the US) Under the US system of justice the defendnat does not have to prove they are innocent. It is the prosecutions burden to PROVE they are guilty.

Is there any way to prove to someone your innocent?

It is nearly impossible to prove someone innocent. The best you can hope for is to persuade others that you are not guilty of what they accuse you of.

A sentence for condemnation?

The condemnation of the judge will prove whether the suspect is innocent or guilty.

Who has the burden of proof in a criminal case?

The prosecutor has the burden of proof in a criminal case. It is presumed that you are innocent till proven guilty. Thus, you do not carry the burden of having to prove that you are innocent, it falls to the prosecution to prove that you are guilty.

What can you do when a guilty person acts innocent?

The law states 'a person is innocent until proven guilty' so unless you can prove they are guilty of an act then there is nothing you can do. If this is personal and not a crime then it is better to walk away from such a person rather than to waste your energy on trying to get them to admit they are innocent. Often people who lie or are deceitful will protect themselves by appearing innocent even though they know they are not.

Did Michael Jackson try to prove himself innocent?

Yes and he was found not guilty of all charges.

Why does the role of prosecutors and defense attorneys work as adversarial?

The prosecuter is trying to prove that the defendant is guilty, but the defense attorney is trying to prove that he is innocent.

In a criminal trial who has a burden of proof?

The prosecution must prove the defendant is guilty. The defendant is innocent until then.

What is not-guilty?

It means that either the jury (or judge) found you not to be guilty of the offense for which you were arrested - or - the prosecution failed to prove its case against you. Not guilty does NOT mean the same as being found innocent!

Can an abuser have wittness to testify against the victim to prove the abusers not guilty?

Certainly. In this country people are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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