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if your insurance company is going to give you a new panel, take it quick. Anew panel will look so much better than a repaired one. I have noticed that a lot of body shops lately cant seem to get a panel repaired and not make it look like crap, whether it be sanding lines or uneven bondo,or orange-peal in the paint. I think the guy might not know what he is talking about with a "bolt on panel". I would say it will still be welded no matter what he says, unless you have a corvette or something with a fiberglass body.either way get that new panel.

If the dent is smooth, you can repair it with no sign that the repair ever happened. If it has a crease in the metal, it might still be noticable after a repair. My advice would be to take the insurance company up on their offer to replace it anyway. Bolts are actually stronger than a weld anyway.

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Q: Is it better to repair a dented panel or replace it?
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