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cold weather, because you get hot when you run

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Would a lead acid battery run out of charge more in cold or hot weather?

Cold weather puts more strain on a battery than hot weather.

Will a high performance engine run better in cold or warm weather?

A high performance engine will run better in the cold the vehicle is at full operating temperature. Cold air is more dense so basically its like your packing in more air into the cylinder.

Why would a 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E run hot if the radiator and thermostat has been replaced?

Is the thermostat in backwards??? it depend on where u live hot or cold weather... german cars are made for cooler weather... this will efect the way ur car will run

Why do people have more energy during warm weather?

because in the cold weather its to cold to run around

How do you tell when thunder is coming?

Thunder storms occur when hot air and cold air run into each other. Therefore one way of predicting them is if you notice a cold front has come during warm weather, or a warm front during cold weather.

Is cold air better then hot air for a cars intake?

Yes,cold air is way better than hot air because cold air makes the engine run and perform better giving you an increase in power and fuel economy.It causes the engine to work slightly less harder than hot air passing through the intake.You will notice a difference when you have cold air entering your engine.

What was the weather like during the first Battle of Bull Run?

the weather at the bull run battle was hot and humid

Why does my cold water pipe make loud ringing noise only when the weather is cold and when we run the hot tap?

It may be in the main cold water shutoff or if you have a water pressure reducer it may be in the reducer manifold

Why is antifreeze required to be added to an engines coolant?

Antifreeze helps the engine run cooler in the hot months and prevents the coolant from freezing in cold weather.

Can a bad thermostat cause your car to run cold?

If stuck open the car will run cold. If stuck closed the car will run hot.

Is moisture buildup occur more in cold or hot weather in your gas tank?

In the cold weather is where you are going to run in to moisture build up. As you operate a vehicle it heats up, in cold weather you tend to get sweating, as it is called, on metal and plastic components. What does not evaporate is what leads to moisture up. If the tank is full of fuel, it is less likely to have any problems.

Why would a 1990 Buick lesabre barely run or run very roughly when the weather is really hot?

it depends on what kind of fule delivery system you have. if it is carborated then it could be because your idle screw is not set high enough and carb engines have to warm up befor they run good in cold weather. if it is carb, engine YOU MIGHT WANT TO ADJUST THE SCREW AND LET RUN FOR ABOUT 5 MIN IN THE COLD. IF IT IS A THROTAL BODY THAN IT COULD BE A HOLE IN ONE OF YOUR LINES AND WHEN IT IS COLD OUT IT WILL CAUSE IT TO ACT UP MORE NOTICABLY THAN IN WARM WEATHER.

Why do you get constant cold sores?

Things that can trigger cold sores are; if you have a lowered immune system by stress or illness, have been under or run down by a lot of stress, or if you're out doors in very hot or very cold weather for long periods of time.

'why does the fan still run on the unit after it cycles is over. But it is blowing hot air not cold?

why does the fan still run on the unit after it cycles is over. but it is blowing hot air not cold

Why horses run in cold weather?

To warm up! It gets the blood flowing.

Why does hot water run faster than cold water?

Hot water runs faster than cold water because the molecules in hot water makes it go faster than cold water.

What are you lacking if you get cold sores?

Getting a cold sore means your immune system has been run down by stress or have been out in very hot or cold weather for a long period of time. Try boosting your immune system to help prevent future break outs.

Why does your 1999 Camaro stall in hot weather?

Check the battery and alternator. In hot weather we tend to use more juice from the battery because we run a stereo and the A/C.

Why is it better to use 5w30 in a buick 94 skylark?

5 w 30 is what the manufacturer recommends but using 10 w 30 won't hurt. The lower the first number, the better is will run in cold weather.

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