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Is it better to run or lift weights first?

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I always lift first. I would be too tired afterwards to lift properly.

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Run before lift weights or lift weights before run?

Run first so your warmed up. Then lift weights

Should you run or lift first?

you lift first for maximun and better excercise effort. then run for about 15 min.

Is it bad to lift weights and then run?

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you do your cardio exercise before you lift weights. The mechanisms that provide energy to the working muscles during the two different types of exercise work much better when cardio is done first.

Is it good for your body to lift weights one day and the next day just run?

Yes, but it might be better if you did weights for a couple of days, have a break and then do running, or you might pull a muscle.

What does Albert pujols like to do?

Play baseball, lift weights, run

Is it more beneficial to run 5 miles every day or every other day and lift weights on those off days?

It depends how old you are. If you're barely a teenager, you should run every other day and lift weights 3 times a week. If youre older, then run every other day and lift weights on off days.

Should you run before or after you lift?

It is recommended to run before and after you lift weights. The two sessions of running will serve as warm up and warm down respectively.

You run 4 days a week and on your off days you swim and lift leg weights you have noticed that you are getting slower when you are timing your runs why?

basically science you lift weights it can delay your reaction time meaning making you go slower.

If you lift weights and then run long distances does it eat away they muscle?

No it does not its the other way round Jenny and the team

What do you do involving muscular endurance?

for leg mucels RUN! for arms LIFT WEIGHTS abs crunches both hanging and on the floor

How do you make cheerleading tryouts?

Train! Run, lift some weights, stretch out your flexibility, eat right and practice your SMILE!

Should you run and weight lift on the same day or on alternate days?

It is upto the energy levels of your body. Make sure you do not run before lifting weights because it will drain all your energy and you wont be able to lift heavy.

How do you best shape your chest?

The best way too shaping your chest is to run,lift light weights in burn out sets and push-ups

How do you become fit like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, run several miles a day, do a lot of crunches, and lift weights.

What must be done to prevent obesity?

Simple. 1. exercise Run, Lift weights, play a game. BE ACTIVE 2. Eat Right. Go easy on the snacks 3. i lift 270 and im only 13

Improve power for rugby?

lift weights for you legs, calf raises, squats, jump squats, dead lift, etc... if you want more running speed to add on to the power (makes you run faster and with more power) run with resistance, like those small parachutes, a weights sled, running up hill, all of these will increase power but only resistance running will increase speed

What is the biggest tire you can put on a Chevy Avalanche?

with a lift i have seen 44s but with out a lift... no idea just run with the stock size as you will get better fuel economy

How do you control high sexual needs for a woman?

Lift weights, play foot ball, run marathons or work out physically. Distraction will physically exhaust you and decrease the urge.

How should I train for track and field since I've never done it before and I'm not really good at it?

Run for free around ur house and lift weights

How do you lose wings arm fat?

You should run at least an hour, do 20 push ups and 20 situps. Drink plenty of water, and rest. Also lift weights

How can you lose five pounds in one day?

For your health, losing 5 pounds in one day is not advisable.Run a few miles, do sit ups, push ups, and lift weights

How to you run fast in 1.6kilometer?

many weeks of daily practice running 5 km with weights on both ankles - then actually run the race without the weights.

Can you change your power while exercising?

Of course. You can run faster and slower. You can ride your bike faster or slower. You can ride it on a small slope or a steep slope. You can do more or fewer chin-ups or push-ups in each 10 seconds. You can lift lighter or heavier weights, and lift them faster or slower. You can run the treadmill faster or slower, and then keep up with it.

What is a fast way to get a 6pack?

Don't just do crunches. That will build muscle but it can be covered by fat. Run a few miles a day but build up to it, lift weights, 200 push ups, and then do as many crunches as you can.

How do you become a fit i need simple tips?

Eat healthy run or walk a mile or two everday, lift weights, do pull ups and sit ups and push ups, drink protein shakes.

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