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Yes, unless the light switch is a dimmer switch.

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Q: Is it cause for concern if one wall in a room by a light switch is always warm to the touch?
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What cause the brake light to stay on?


What is the meaning of turn on the light?

It means 'operate the light-switch so as to cause the light to illuminate'.

Why does dimmer switch cause ceiling light to make noise?


Which adjustment might cause an electric current to flow?

Switch to a light source with a shorter wavelength.... Switch to a light source with a higher frequency

20 amp light switch for 15 amp light switch?

You can always use a higher rated switch to control a smaller load. You can not use a a lower rated switch to control a larger load.

Is it cheaper to leave a fluorescent light on or switch it on and off?

Always cheaper to switch it off and on rather than leaving it on.

Door switch for interior light vw polo?

The door switch for the VW Polo can go bad and cause the interior light to stay on. The switch must be changed, there is no way to repair it.

I have a light that turns on the basement light. I'd like to change that light switch to add a second light on the stairs that will operate separately from the basement light. What do I do?

Tie into the line side (always hot) of the first switch. Run 12-3 to the second switch and then tie the load side of the second switch to your second light. Assure you have all the proper hardware and supports. Turn off all power prior to working on it cause electricity is dangerous. If you are close to your panel its always safest to run a new circuit since you have a limit on how many things can be on one circuit based on your wire size.

What could cause a light switch not to work?

water, power outage, or maybe the light bulb is broken

Why are the brake lights always on on your 2001 ML430?

The brake light switch has failed

How do you hook up a simple light switch?

et an electrician! always safe

Will bad oil pressure switch cause check engine light to come on?

No it will not.

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