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Laminate flooring tends to be cheaper per square foot.

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Laminate or tile flooring in the kitchen?

Tile, laminate is too vulnerable to spills and other liquids.

Does laminate flooring work just as well as tile?

Laminate flooring works just as well as tile, and is easier to install, though is a lesser quality.

How does laminate wood flooring compare to tile flooring?

Laminate wood flooring shows scuffs and scratches more then tiles do. Laminate flooring seems to last little longer the tiles.

What flooring can you put on concrete?

Tile, cork, vinyl, laminate, carpet and engineered flooring.

Which flooring is fit for your bedroom?

The flooring that is fit for your bedroom might include carpet, tile, or hardwood, or laminate flooring.

Is flooring laminate cheaper than real wood?

According to www.home-style-choices.com laminate flooring is cheaper than real wood floors and you can also choose laminate flooring that looks like real wood but without the cost or upkeep.

What flooring is best for basements?

The best flooring for basements is something that is resistant to water like tile, concrete or laminate.

How difficult is it to install laminate flooring?

It is very easy to install laminate flooring and laminate tiles. Generally all you need to cut them is sharp scissors instead of a tile cutter which can save time and money.

Can you install vinyl tile flooring on existing laminate flooring?

No, there is too much movement in a laminate floor. Yes, if you use a perimeter sheet vinyl type product that looks like tile, however there may be movement. But since the question was vinyl tile, the correct answer is no.

What type of flooring is most common in a sunroom?

Flooring is one of the most important factor in sunroom to increase its durability. Most popular flooring options are carpenting, wood laminate, Ceramic tile, Vinyl laminate, stamped concrete and epoxy/stone flooring. My personal favorite is wood laminate flooring.

What types of laminate tile flooring are available to buy?

Laminate flooring comes in a few different forms. One can get planks, tiles or squares and it mimics the look of wood, tile or stone. Each side has either a tongue or groove for easy installation.

Can laminate flooring be laid on top of ceramic tiles?

Yes, as long as the tile is not broken or unlevel.

Which one is cost effective laminate flooring or cork flooring?

Laminate flooring is the more cost effective compared to laminate flooring.

What type of flooring does Alloc provide?

Alloc flooring can provide residences and businesses with quality flooring at a great price. Types of flooring include: hard wood, stone, tile and laminate.

How well does laminate flooring work in the bathroom?

Laminate flooring stands up pretty well in a bathroom. It is a much better choice than true hardwood floors because it will not absorb as much moisture. However, the resin that is on top of the laminate flooring often times wears off and may not last as long as other choices such as stone, vinyl tile, or ceramic tile.

What is the best product to use for adhisive when putting in laminate tile flooring?

ROBERTS 1407 Acrylic Urethane Latex Engineered Laminate and Parquet Flooring Adhesive is the best. It has low odor and is environmentally safe.

What does century tile company produce?

Century Tile are flooring experts in Lombard, IL, USA, who sell laminate and vinyl flooring, carpets and rugs, as well as ceramic, glass and stone tiles.

What is a type of floor coverings?

Hardwood, carpet, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring. the list goes on.

What tile to use on a sun-room?

Some ideas to consider for building a basic sun flooring are:Resilient FlooringLaminate FlooringVinyl FlooringBest Sunroom Flooring ideas would be:Porcelain Tile FlooringMarble Tile FlooringCeramic Tile FlooringHardwood FlooringThe tools required for building a sun room would beHammerLevelsTape measurementand the materials for building sun room are mainly:NailsScrewsInsulated WindowsWoodPolystyrene foam

Who makes the best laminate flooring?

I am thinking about doing a laminate flooring remodeling project in my home. Do you know who makes the best laminate flooring?

what does laminate flooring cover up?

Laminate flooring can be used to effectively cover any unsightly or old flooring. Laminate flooring can be installed over warped, scratched, or even missing flooring.

What are the pros and cons of using laminate versus wood flooring?

I would not recommend real wood flooring for a kitchen. You are better off using tiles. Real wood flooring can decay faster if you spill something on it. With laminate flooring you don't have to worry about that. However, wood flooring does look nicer. I would go with tile flooring for a kitchen and wood flooring for other rooms.

What are the most common types of floor?

Most common types flooring: Hardwood Laminate Tile Carpeting Vinyl

How does laminate flooring differ from wood flooring?

Laminate flooring is not real wood, it just imitates the look of it.

Can you use laminate flooring in condo by ocean?

look for waterproof laminate flooring.

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