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* Yes it is cheating. When you decided you loved this person or they loved you the two of you made silent commitments of love to each other. If one feels they can't handle the loneliness because of the distance between the two partners then they should be mature enough to break that relationship up and move on. Cheating is demoralizing to the other person and takes away all credibility of character re the cheater.

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Can you cheat if your boyfriend is in a different state?

Cheating is not okay, even if you are in different states. If you want to cheat then you should consider why you are in a relationship with someone.

How do you live with a cheating wife?

Talk to her about it does she know you know she is cheating ?

How can you tell a guy is cheating?

if he is cheating he will act in a different manner

Is it illegal for a wife to cheat on a deployed husband?

YES.Cheating is cheating is cheating is cheating. They could be on the MOON and it would be NO different.

When defendant and plantiff live in different states In which state is the court case held?

The state in which the alleged incident occurred.

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Can someone on parole live with a felon?

You need to ask this of the parole officer. The answer is different for different crimes and different states.

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(In the US) It all depends on where you live. Different states have different ages.

When are you back at school?

This depends on where you live. Different states/countries/counties/towns will have different times.

Do you have to be separated 6 months to get divorce?

It depends where you live. Different countries and states have different laws.

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Can panties be used to tell if shes cheating?

ANSWER: I'm afraid not, woman are different when it comes to how you can catch your woman cheating, its different from man in general

How do you know when he cheating?

You can tell if a guy is cheating on you because he'll act different or not be around you as much

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How can your civil partner go about adopting your baby?

This question's answer is determined entirely based on where you live as the laws of different countries and different states within the United States are different. However, in all cases, it is necessary to contact an attorney. If you live within the United States, search for an attorney who advertises that he or she practices family law.

In what states in the US is cheating illegal?

It actually is illegal in 23 states. It isn't however, enforced.

If you have a boyfriend who lives in a different state and one who lives in another is it really cheating?

Yes it is cheating. Just because they live in different parts of the country doesn't mean its ok to go out with both of them at once. If you're with someone, you're with that person and no distance is going to ever make it ok to have another boyfriend.

How do you break into cheating boyfriends razr passcode?

Whether your boyfriend is cheating or not you have no business breaking into his razr passcode and it is an illegal act. Since you feel he is cheating then confront him about it or, you could catch him red-handed because if he is cheating online then he is probably cheating someone where you live.

Where do Indian tribes live now?

they live in many different states in America including Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

Why your husband who is cheating on you wants you to kick him out of the house instead of him leaving you?

Many he feels guilty or wants to live with the person he is cheating on you with.

Is it cheating if your Girl liked a different guy?

No not really

If you and your wife live in different states where do you file for divorce?

You file in the state that you currently reside in