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Typically, "cheating" is considered to be when a boyfriend/girlfriend has a romantic relationship with someone other then the person they're supposed to be dating. If your boyfriend is ignoring or avoiding you, it may be that he wants to dump you but doesn't have the courage to come out and do it, but it doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating.

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Q: Is it cheating if your boyfriend avoids talking to you or seeing you?
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How do you get your boyfriend to want to talk to you and see you?

If he isn't talking to you or seeing you then he probably shouldn't be your boyfriend.

Is it called cheating when you have a boyfriend but like someone else?

I personally would not define "liking" someone else while you are seeing someone as cheating, however, it is most definitely not faithful. A guy at my work says this about cheating: "if you would not do it with your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse in the room, it's cheating." For example: Kissing If you would not kiss that person with the person you are seeing in the room it's cheating. Another example could be less drastic: Holding hands. If you would not hold hands with that person with the person you are dating in the room then it is cheating.

How can you tell if your long distance boyfriend is cheating on you?

you can never know for sure (seeing how he's long distance, you can't possibly find out unless he was stupid enough to tell you). but if you're talking about signs like he's distant (mentally speaking) and doesn't seem so excited to be talking to you, that may not be cheating, but it's not good. so if he's doing anything like that, whether he's cheating on you or not, it should just be ended because something is obviously wrong.

What if my Boyfriend calls asks if another guy is over?

hes looking for someone or he thinks your cheating Give him a straight answer. If you are seeing somebody else, then you have nothing to hide. If you are, then you can't be upset when he starts seeing someone else, too.

Is seeing a dominatrix cheating on your wife?


How do you know if boyfriend is cheating. He's become jealous very distant cold and does not return my calls lately. Keeps asking me if I am seeing anyone else. I suspect he is cheating?

It depends on how many times he asks you. Maybe he is being too cautious, or maybe he is cheating, or perhaps he can't bear to think you are cheating because he loves you.

I think my bf cheated We were talking on the phone and his ex calls puts me on hold Near the end of their call he accidentally hits three way and is talking about sex with her He claims it was a dream?

* Unfortunately, your boyfriend isn't giving you credit for the intelligence you have and if that's what you heard then he is cheating on you. He has no right talking about sex to his ex and, in fact, he has no business seeing his ex when he is dating you. 'Ex' means that relationship is over! Get rid of this guy as he's making a fool of you.

You and your boyfriend split for a week now he wont talk about it does this mean he was seeing someone else?


Is it considered cheating when a boyfriend flirts with another girl who knows he is involved and meets her without the girlfriend knowing about this new girl?

Well it's not considered cheting if he flirts, because he may not know he's flirting. But the seeing her part, I'm sorry but I think he's cheating.

How do you kiss your boyfriend on the cheek?

to kiss your boyfriend on the cheek should not be that dificalt if he hangs out with you because you definetly know he likes you but if he avoids you that is a bad sign it could mean he doesn't have feelings for you or it could also mean that he is seeing someone else just give it a shot next time you are both hugging. GIVE HIM A SUPRIZE

What if you felt bad for stop seeing you girlfriend cause you was cheating on her?

if you cheated on her you really should stop seeing her boy

Should I trust my friend if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

* Friends should always be honest with each other so the best thing to do is ask your friend if she is seeing your boyfriend. Do not use the word 'cheat' when discussing it with her because the percentage is on the high side she may not be seeing your boyfriend at all and you could well lose a good friend. She could decide not to tell you the truth if she is seeing him and if this is the case you will find out sooner or later as they won't be able to hide their relationship forever and then, that's when you walk away from your friend. Until then, communicate with your friend to find out your answer.

If your long-term boyfriend is moving out because he needs space but he says he's still seeing you is he really trying to break up with you?

yes he is don't fall for that saying their is a big possibility that he is cheating

How do you know your boyfriend is going to be your husband?

If your boyfriend is comfortable in talking about the future and is happy seeing you getting comfortable with his family and cares for you like you are the only made for him and shares all his personal details with you without a second though .He is going to be your husband.

Wife happy after seeing ex boyfriend?

husband happy after seeing ex girlfriend

What does cheating mean?

When you cheat with somebody, it can mean a lot of different things. For instance's, if you cheat in a relationship, then you are seeing someone else, as well as your girlfriend/boyfriend. its not nice being cheated on (i would know) and if you suspect any signs of cheating you should talk to your partner straight away, or just end it.

Is it considered cheating when the guy you are seeing sleeps with another girl?

* If you both understand the fact you are girlfriend and boyfriend then yes. If you have only dated a couple of times and have not committed to a relationship then no as you are both free to date whomever you please.

How do you keep your boyfriend when you never get to see him?

Start seeing him.

What do i you do if i have a long distance relationship and have no way of seeing my boyfriend?

Use the internet. Or find another boyfriend.

What if my boyfriend now seeing his ex- girlfriend?

If you are still with him and he is also seeing his ex then I would leave him. I realize that may be hard but if he is seeing someone else he is cheating on you and you deserve better. But if you believe there is nothing going on between them then you should make your feelings clear that you do not want him seeing his ex girlfriend - if he chooses to ignore the way you feel then unfortunately again you will have to do what is best for you and leave. Either way the outcome seems to be the same.

Trick questions to see if your boyfriend is cheating?

You could ask him if he's seeing the girl tonight or tomorrow. Or maybe, something like "she'd probably like this on you don't you think?" Or even "You left your key at that girls house".

Why do i keep dreming about my boyfriend seeing someone?

why do i keep dreaming about my boyfriend seeing someone You are either insecure (like most of us) and afraid he is looking at/seeing other women, or he is actually looking at/seeing other women and you don't condone it, but don't do anything about it either. How's that?

Is cheating lying?

ANSWER: Absolutely, if a person is not cheating nor seeing another person, there's nothing to lie about. But cheating on your spouse and he or she doesn't know you are betraying your partner that will be lying because your keeping secret.

Does a married man think about his mistress after he stops seeing her because he got caught cheating and if so how often?

it depends how close you were before you caught him cheating

Your boyfriend is seeing a girl once a week should you be worried?

No. Watch his behavior and see how he acts around her. Do you know the other girl? Is he open about what they do? I would suggest realizing that guys and girls can have totally normal relationships without cheating.