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He sounds like a jerk. You might want to get rid of him He doesn't respect you Protect your self-esteem You're better than that Find somebody who cares Life is too short to get stuck with a jerk.

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Q: Is it cheating if your boyfriend says he prefers to chat with females online because you talk too much and ask too many questions?
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How can you see if your boyfriend is cheating through his cellphone?

Check his text messages or, freuqent calls ingoing/outgoing from females.

How many percent of females cheat in a relationship?

There are no correct statistics as to how many females cheat in a relationship because cheating is done in secrecy and many are still going on without the other mate knowing she is cheating on him.

Why my boyfriend talks to females on the phone sexually i say something to him he says there just words im not cheating in gets mad?

He enjoys the attention of other girls, and is mad because you ask for him to devote his attention to you. He is in the wrong, and if he wants to stay your boyfriend then he should learn to be more loyal to you.

Boyfriend tells other females he is single?

Well then he shouldn't be your boyfriend.

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Technically yes. While no intercourse can happen directly, I would consider it cheating. I guess it all depends on your definition of "Cheating" Do you consider cheating having sex with someone else? if so, then technically not because two females cannot produce intercourse. Also, if that is your definition of intercourse what is your intentions in the relationship and why not be in an open one? If not, then yes it is blatantly cheating. By blatantly I mean subtly because how do you cheat without intercourse? ^^ The comment posted above is False Information. I am a Bisexual and although having a girlfriend and boyfriend at the same time might sound alot like cheating it's not. You have to know the basic's in that relationship. IF you LOVE your other half, then why sould this question even be asked. What I wanted to know is "If I was inscure about my realtionship would it end in a break up?" Yet I'm now answering my own question. It IS cheating. i think cheating is just going out with someone else and having two lovers is deffo cheating btw do they know about each other? It's only cheating if you're hurt by it.

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yes. yes all females do not need a boyfriend all they do is bring you down

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I think yes because a guys mind is set that girls need help. Also if he always wants to help females that means hes nice

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She is still your girlfriend because she is cheating and cheating is when someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend or a spouse and that's why it's called cheating. You should consider if you want to make it so easy for her to come back into you life. Perhaps you should let her stew a little and make it easy to come back into a relationship with you or she may well cheat again. When young, some males and females think nothing of seeing someone else when they are in a relationship, but it doesn't make it right. In most cases when someone has cheated on you the bond of trust is broken and sooner or later the relationship will dwindle away.

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