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I don't know if that's cheating, but there's an obvious trust issue between the two of you. He doesn't trust that you won't look through his phone listings, and you don't trust that he's being faithfull. You may want to invest your time into some couples counseling, which can be very beneficial in helping to talk through issues like this. Otherwise, I'd invest my time into moving on, because the foundation here is pretty rocky.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-28 20:34:59
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Q: Is it cheating if your fiance has his ex's work home and cell numbers programmed in his phone under a man's name?
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Is your fiance cheating on you if he has women's phone numbers in his cell phone?

first you should call the numbers and see what they re yo him if yhey say that that is their man you should leave him if you black go buck wild u know what i mean but dont just asume something see if it is true

Is your fiance cheating if he has women's phone numbers in his wallet?

Unless there is a woman's name written down with that phone number I wouldn't jump to conclusions. If you don't want to ask him about it, then write the number down and phone those numbers. My husband carries a few phone numbers in his wallet, but they are strictly business. He does put the name by the number so that helps. If they are women's phone numbers don't waste one more breath on this guy and kick him to the curb. You'll never be able to trust him again.

Is a man cheating if he deletes the numbers out of the phone call history and incoming calls?

While dewleting numbers does not mean he is cheating, it doesn't look well in that respect. The only reason to delete call history is to prevent someone finding out so probably yes he is cheating

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- When you ask, are you cheating on me? He may say, baby come on that's ridiculous! - When he has a thong, or any kind of underwear, he may be cheating. - When he has other phone numbers. {not friends} - He's never home. - Excuses

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How do you tell your fiance that you went through his cell phone and saw female phone numbers?

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What do a wife do if she suspects her husband is cheating?

See if you could get some proof of cheating. Perhaps you can call some numbers you've found on his phone. When you do, figure out what you'd like to do from there. You would have to decide if you want to stay with him knowing what you do.

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Is he cheating on the phone?

Barbara strizen

How do you tell if your fiance is still sleeping with his ex?

she calls you from his phone and tell you

If you have the phone number of the woman you think your fiance is cheating on you with do you call and what do you say?

You don't call her at all. The trust and honesty issue at hand involves only you and your fiance. The other woman, if there is one, could be anyone and doesn't figure into this unless you're calling her only to verify the cheating, in which case the issues between you and your fiance are too deep to merit going forward with a marriage at this time. Don't create drama by warning her off or confronting her or getting details you fiance should be providing. Talk to him directly and find your answers there. First, you should confront him and ask if he is cheating on you. See how you take his answer & if you believe him. Tell him what is on your mind. If you are suspecting cheating now, PLEASE think twice about making it legal with this guy. Divorce is costly, and you want him to have half of everything you own? No thank you. If you call her it's just going to be ugly. If he denies it, just tell him you talked to her and she told you everything. He won't know you're telling a white lie.

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If you need proof your partner is cheating on you to help with your divorce. Your best bet is their cell phone but i do not think you have any access to it. You need to contact a P.I to help gain access and have all this information of your partner cheating. Contact williamgolding366@ gm a il .c o m

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because i thought he was cheating

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