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Is it common for a new Ford rim to have had welding done around the circumference?


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2015-07-16 18:03:31
2015-07-16 18:03:31

If the rim is on a new car, no that is not common. Take it back and ask to see the manager or complain to the company.

if the people at the tyre service are sure that it is not the original welding on the rim then it is dangerous ,as it is illegal to repair any damaged rim because it creates a weak point.any reputable car dealer would have replaced the rim without question,if yours wont then take them to consumer affairs


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shure start welding axles and streching the frame......

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If it is after 1995 mark 4 it is easy bolt on, if earlier it needs cuttting and welding

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You can find it on any car produced by Ford. Also on buildings which are used by the company. It is a very common symbol which you will find all around the world.

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Yes, there is a kit made by Wurth It Designs for 57-64 Ford Galaxie's. This kit is a direct bolt in and requires no cutting, welding, or fabrication.

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Any one you want to use but not without fabrication/welding.

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