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Is it common for a spouse to report abuse that never happened?

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No, it's not.

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Can a spouse report another for child abuse in California?


In Kentucky is it mandatory to report spouse abuse?

Spousal abuse is almost always hidden by closed doors and family and friends may not be aware of what is going on. Therefore it is not mandatory in Kentucky or any other State to report spousal abuse, but, the victim should report it to the police.

Is it not totally deceitful for a spouse to report to police she being Abused leaving the false impression of Physical Abuse -- I have not laid a finger on this spouse in 29 years of marriage?

Depends if there is abuse in forms of verbal abuse, things such as yelling, threatening can be classified as abuse. If not than yes it is

What does a parent do if the other parent is abusing the adopted child and child abuse authorities do nothing?

The other parent can go directly to the police. However, one spouse cannot be compelled to testify against a spouse, so your police report would go against this common rule. But if you let the abuse go on, you could be jointly liable, AND you MUST protect the child-- so report it to the police.

What is the percent of alcohol being involved in spouse abuse?

99.9% of spouse abuse is caused by alcohol abuse.

Is it too late to file a report of abuse that happened 3 days ago?


What is a major case of spouse abuse?

Any form of spouse abuse is major, abuse is abuse and no one has any rite to abuse any one or anything.

What is the most common reason people get divorced?

There are several common reasons people get divorced: falling out of love; cheating on their spouse; domestic abuse; drug or alcohol abuse or financial difficulties.

Report anonymous report child abuse ma?

If there is child abuse, report it to child protection services.

Where to report abuse to an elderly?

Report abuse to any person that you trust completely.

What percent of people report the abuse?

50% of people would report the abuse

How do you report a facebook member for abuse?

go to the bottom of the page and press report abuse

How many women report abuse?

1 In 100 Women Report Abuse. -Lexxicerox

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

When are you required to report child abuse and substance abuse in Florida?

you are required to report child abuse anytime there is a concern of a child being abused. im not too sure on the substance abuse but I am on the child abuse you should report any suspicions of child abuse right away dont wait.....

Who should receive the report of suspected child abuse during the week?

the report child abuse program

Is it abuse if your spouse is vindictive towards you?

It could be considered abuse, if your spouse knows that his or her actions are causing you to be afraid or unhappy and they continue to act that way just to harm you.

Does Facebook have a report abuse button?

yes facebook does have a report abuse button if you don't believe me check for your self

How do you report Twitter tweets for abuse?

Twitter has a form that you can fill in to report abuse. Follow the related link to the form.

How long can you go to jail for spouse abuse?


How long does a teacher has to report child abuse?

a teacher is a mandated reporter and are "mandated" by law to report the abuse as soon as possible

Is it the responsibility of the physician to report a child abuse case?

Many professionals are mandated to report abuse. Physicians are mandatory reporters.

Who is responsible to report child abuse?

the one who see child abuse

Is a spouse entitled to settlement money?

Depends on the situation. Is there any adultry, abuse or have you moved out of the home or your spouse?

How do you report people?

If you are trying to report abuse there is a "Report Abuse" button at the top right of your RED. You can use this or contact any available supervisor active on-site.

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