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Yes it is common. Some women do it to get revenge while other women feel lonely and abused and need some loving arms around them. This is called, "finding love in all the wrong places." It's a mistake, but not one you can't learn from. With each relationship that turns sour we can learn from it. We can feel sorry for ourselves and think everyone is out to get us, or realize there are some not very nice people out there and we were taken in by them. There is also the fact that we can truly love someone, but fall out of love with them and it's all about chemistry. Then there are women/men that just use each other. Every mistake I make in life I grow stronger from it. I do make mistakes, and I don't beat myself up, but try to be a better person from it and I have learned to forgive others and I get on with my life. Trust me when I say the older one gets the easier it becomes to have a "matter of fact" attitude in the world. While youth can be a hoot and a fun time, I can attest that getting older has it's up sides as well; I no longer have to be a chameleon in the full sense of the word; I can just be me with an attitude others can either like me or hate me; I can also openly admit that all people are not going to like me, but am calmed by how many that do and how I can help others. Oh yes, there is so much more to old age than one sees. Although I have lucked out in the gene pool and have few wrinkles and don't look my age, I know what age I am and who I am. Although much wiser I still have much to learn and revenge isn't one of those lessons. So hon, get mad, look at the facts, realize everyone isn't always going to be the good guy and learn your lessons well and before you know it you'll meet that special someone. Leave revenge to God or whatever your belief system is, and get out there with friends and get circulating! Good luck Marcy I think it probably is common, although not a good idea. There are different reasons for doing it, and none of them are good.

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Q: Is it common for a woman that was just dumped to go sleep with another man right away?
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