Is it common for an abuser to constantly tell you that you are too old to watch wholesome movies or TV shows as opposed to ones that are raunchy crude or violent?

The problem isn't that he cares what you watch, but he's controlling you when you want to watch something. It isn't uncommon for men to watch violent or sexy shows, but often, many women like a good wholesome show every so often. He's controlling you to the inth degree and that goes for the TV too. I suggest you get a second TV for the bedroom and watch your shows there. I also suggest you put this person in their place and remember, you are in control of your future!

Good luckMarcy

Abusers see anything their victims are interested in that is not related to them as a threat. The threat being a loss of influence and power over their victim. My ex would do the same. He would put down shows I watched. I think on some level he saw these other intrests as a reflection of me keeping my own person intact, the last thing he wanted.When I redecorated he said aw it doesnt look that bad, after I was so proud. When I went to university he called it college. When I was happy he asked if I was faking it. When people liked me he would make comments meant to destabalize. He was a master at trying to put me down.In the end, he didnt win. I dumped his sorry ass.He now lives alone and is miserable. I guess as they get older they lose looks and charm and find it harder to get victims to control.