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Is it common to have a ringing in the ears for 3 hours after a root canal?

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Yes it is. Yes, it might be related to the fact that you have had your mouth open for a long period of time. It should go away after a few days.

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What medication causes ringing in the ears?

Ringing in the ears can be a side effect of ibuprofen. Aspirin, or the overuse of it, is a common cause of tinnitus.

Can lorazepam help ringing in the ears?

can lorazepam help with ringing in the ears

Common ear ailments?

Ringing ears - if you are hearing a popping or roaring sound

What causes ringing in your ears?

I have permanent ringing in both ears from playing the drums too loud when I was young. Although noise is a common cause there can be some other more serious causes.

Can a root canal infection cause dizzyness ringing ears and head pressure?

I had all of those symptoms except ringing ears after my root canal infection. Dizziness was caused by very high fever though. All of those together don't sound good I would go to your doctor or the emergency room immediatly!

How long does the ringing in your ears last after taking aspirin?

Aspirin does not normally cause a ringing in the ears.

Can Ambien cause ringing in the ears?

Yes, ringing in the ears is a side effect of ambien although it is fairly fare (.86% of all side effect reports). Most common side effect is headache (19%). But ringing in the ear is one of the side efects.

Ringing in the ears?


What is tinitis?

ringing in the ears

You got ringing in your ears just randomly?

Ringing in your ears? Unless you've been taking medication lately that warns you about side affects like ringing in your ears, you're probably fine. When there is a silence in a house or outside, I get random ringing in my ears as well. Don't sweat it. It's probably nothing.

Could low iron cause ringing in the ears?

Yes, iron-deficient anemia can cause tinnitis or ringing in the ears.

Stop ringing in ears?

There are over the counter medicines that will help stop ringing of the ears. The best way to stop the ringing is to visit a doctor and have him set up a treatment plan.

What are you suffering from if you have tinnitus?

ringing in the ears

What causes YOU to have ringing in YOUR ears?

I don't have any ringing sounds in my ears. However, other people may have it due to a concussion. Also, it could be a sign of a stroke. Many people who had attended a loud concert often experience ringing in the ears.

Causes of ringing in ears?

Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, may be caused by an ear infection. It could also be the cause of TMJ.

How do you use the word ringing in a sentence?

The phone wouldn't stop ringing.There was a ringing in his ears.

Will the ringing in your ears subside after injury?


Is ringing in the ears a symptom of quitting smoking?


Can fish oil cause ringing in ears?


What is Tinnitus in the medical field?

Ringing in the ears.

How does the ringing from a telephone travel to your ears?

it kills our ears cause they r stupid

How do you get rid of ringing ears?

Ringing ears is a sign of an infection or that you have too much wax in your ear.The way to get rid of it is to go to a doctor and get drops or have them syringed

Depakote and ringing in the ears?

Ringing in the ears is a side effect to depakote. If it is constant and interfering with your life, then you should really consider switching medications. There are better ones out there.

Can ringing in your ears be a sign of pregnancy?

they could be, but if that is the only symptom you have i wouldn't relie on it. their are lots of reasond you could have ringing in your ears, but often times you can get headaches when your pregnant, and headaches can cause ringing in your ears too, you should get a pregnancy test or go see your doctor. good luck

How do you get your ears to stop ringing?

I pluge my ears them focus on something else, it works for me everytime.