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I have had 3 kids & 10 epidural's all together & the Back pain is coming from that. The doctor should have told you that getting an epidural could cause back pains in your future. After my 1st child I had back pains up to a year later.

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Q: Is it common to have back pain after delivery?
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Does Accutane cause back pain?

Yes, Accutane can cause back pain. Back pain (and joint pain) are a common side effect of taking Accutane.

Is it common to have back pain after an epidural?


Can an STD cause lower back pain?

An STD can indeed cause lower back pain. The most common STD known to cause lower back pain is Chlamydia.

What are the mot common types of pain?

I would guess that headaches and back pain are the most common types of pain that people seek relief for. As people get older, arthritic pain becomes very, very common.

What is one of the most common causes of chronic low back pain in adults?

Herniated or ruptured disks are a common cause of chronic low back pain in adults.

Which is better for back pain: medicated ointment or a comfortable mattress?

You should buy this mattress instead of back pain. My experience was that I bought it for 600 countries, and the delivery was free, and they gave me $ 200 as a discount. I strongly recommend it.

Is back pain common?

Yes, it is very common. There is no permanent cure, but people can use back brace to effectively relieve back pain. There are many high-quality back support belts with reasonable price in the store---lowerbackbelt.

The most common site of back pain is the area?


How common is sciatica?

Sciatica is one of the most common forms of back pain. It occurs in about 5% of people who visit their doctor for back pain and in 1-3% of the general adult population

How may back pain be said to be a common disorder?

Back pain is ranked second (behind the common cold) among the leading causes of missed workdays. Approximately one in five Americans, typically 45-64 years of age, will experience back pain.

What are five of the common musculoskeletal disorders that results from poor ergonomics?

tendinitis back pain neck pain

Is it common to experience back pain with stomach ulcers?

no. But in some case you may have back pains

Can crohn's disease cause low back pain?

Yes, lower back pain is quite typical during a flare up of Crohns disease. Pain radiating from front to back just over the hips is common.

What are some examples of psychogenic pain?

Common psychogenic pain syndromes include chronic headache or low back pain ; atypical facial pain; or pelvic pain of unknown origin.

Is back pain normal in early pregnancy?

Some women do experience a lower dull sort of pain in their lower back in early pregnancy. It is pretty common!

Can a herniated spinal disk cause chronic low back pain?

Herniated or ruptured disks are a common cause of chronic low back pain in adults.

Leg pain and back pain after conceiving?

I think what you are asking is if leg pain/back pain are early symptoms of conception. Back pain is sometimes experienced right after conception, but the early hormone changes are not typical causes of back pain. Pain in the legs, hips, and back are much more common during later stages of pregnancy for a few reasons including weight changes, moved center of gravity, and hormones.

What are the most common types of back pain injuries?

The most common types of back pain injuries are usually improper lifting techniques and car accidents. You can avoid lifting injuries by always lifting with your legs instead of your back or upper body.

Do you know a medicine which would stop the pain?

Many medications can help alleviate back pain. The common recommendation is to consult a medical professional as to the best medical course and medication for treating back pain.

Why back pain is common in teenagers nowadays?

there are several of reasons for that issues. but the major issue according to my thoughts is they don`t feed properly by their mothers and secondly they ate things carelessly.

Common Lower Back Pain Treatment?

Lower back pain is common, but the remedies for it are very conservative. Most lower back pain is treated with rest, over the counter NSAIDs, and physical therapy. You may receive handouts or pamphlets with back-strengthening exercises. The reason why the treatment is so low-tech is that many times the pain is in the muscles, not in the spine. For back pain that is not improving with conservative treatment, imaging and other studies may be required to rule out something more serious.

Is it true that tightness of the sciatic nerve can result in lower back pain?

Yes. Sciatica is a common type of pain affecting the sciatic nerve that extends from the lower back down the back of the leg.

Is tumeric good for lower back pain?

Yes, Tumeric plays a keyrole in lower back pain and it is a natural supplements for lower back pain. Low back pain is one of the most common problems people have. About 60 - 80% of the adult U.S. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old. Each year 13 million people go to the doctor for chronic back pain.

What is the most common form of treatment for chronic back pain to date?

By far the most common form of treatment for chronic back pain involves what people do best and do naturally: they rest the back when back pain begins. Using a heat source is also an extremely common form of pain treatment for the back. As far as medication is concerned the most common form of treatment is the use of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Celebrex, aspirin, ibuprofin, etc. As far as natural Alternative Medicine treatment is concerned you will find that chiropractic care and acupuncture are very popular forms of treatment.

What can cause back or neck pain?

The most common causes of back pain are nerve impingement and problems with the discs. While neck pain is less prevalent than lower back pain, there are several cervical spine conditions that may cause neck pain. You can read more about these topics at the related link below.