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Is it common to hear lifter noise?

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Answered 2004-10-07 09:14:54

Yes, especially on cars with high mileage. I have a 90 Acura Legend (made by Honda) with 145,000 miles and it does this too. As the car warms up, the ticking noise decreases or goes away. I've gotten use to it and ignore it.

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You hear noise when I start the car then when the enegin warms up the noise is gone?

Is it a lifter ticking?

Could cold start lifter noise in a 5.3 Vortex cause knock sensor check engine code?

NO. The engine computer is in open loop until the engine heats up to operating temperature 195 degrees are more. that means it don't hear the lifter noise and by the time the computer can, the lifter quites making noise.

Saturn vue lifter noise?

Saturn vue V6 lifter noise when first started

How do you tell the difference between valve lifter noise and bearing noise in a Chevy big block?

Bearing noise is usually deeper and comes from farther down in the engine. Lifter noise is more of a ticking and is up in the engine heads.

Why would you hear a tapping noise when your Chevy cavalier is running?

A tapping noise is generally the result of a bad hydraulic lifter, plugged oil passage to the lifter, or bad tappets. Sometimes just changing to lower viscosity high detergent oil will cure it. Or "Any automotive oil additive with the word MIRACLE in it".

Cold engine noise in a 4.3 gmc truck?

The most common cold engine noise in a Chevrolet 4.3L is lifter clatter. Try using a lighter weight oil and see if the noise changes or goes away.

When you start your 2000 ford sportrak you hear a noise like when you hit heavy plastic very fast with a wrench and the noise increases when the idle is incrased?

pop off your valve cover on the side the noise is on and if you have a bent or really loose rocker arm it could be your lifter,ford has a service bulliten on faulty reatainer clips that hold the lifter happened to my truck i have a 4.6 litre v8

What is ticking noise in 2005 explorer?

could be a lifter sticking

There is a tapping noise in the top your engine what is it?

hydraulic lifter? Rocker arm?

What causes a ringing noise in your car when you break and turn?

The Most Common Problem When You Hear A Noise While Turning Is The CV Boot. Rubber Boot Will Tear And you Hear It On Every Turn.

Translate early modern English to todays English didst thou not hear a noise?

"Did you hear that noise?" -or- "Did you not hear that noise I just heard?"

How do you adjust the valves on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.1 engine?

you cant if rattling noise occures its a worn lifter very common on 3.1 motors

What are the past present future tense for the word heard?

Past: Heard (e.g. I heard a noise) Present: Hear/hears (e.g. I hear a noise, She hears a noise) Future: Will hear (e.g. I will hear a noise)

What is the problem with a 2002 Ford mustang making a banging noise from the engine?

a lifter

What causies lifter noise 4.3?

worn out lifters or rockers maybe then oil

How do you tell when to replace bearings?

You will hear them making a noise. Or you can just inspect them.You will hear them making a noise. Or you can just inspect them.

Lifter noise on Lincoln mark viii?

You didn't mention whether you hear it all the time or just on startup? If on startup, the timing chain has a tendancy of making noise especially when cold. Usually the lifters don't make noise in these cars unless the oil is really dirty or oil level really low.

What is the cause of an engine rattle sound on cold start that goes away after about 15 seconds on a twin turbo Stealth?

I had the same problem it was just low on oil. ******************* It's usually lifter noise. It can be particularly nerve-wracking after the car has set for an extended period. As suggested, keeping your oil at the correct level will minimize it, but you might hear a little bit of lifter noise on every start.

What could cause a loud tapping noise in a escort engine?

Stuck hydraulic lifter.

2004 Isuzu tapping noise on start up?

try checking the lifter(s)

What does a clicking sound from the engine of the Toyota Camry mean?

That is lifter noise, they probably need adjusting

What causes lifter noise on your LeSabre?

Poor maintenance, high mileage, contaminated oil (antifreeze),

How do you change a valve lifter?

There's a ticking noise under my 2002 tahoe. If it is a lifter. Can you tell me what a lifter is? And is that the reason why my service engine light won't go off. Someone told me that it had to do with some box that holds wires under the truck. Is that true?

How does a car act when lifter are bad?

Depends on how the lifter has failed. In most all cases you will have loss of power and there may or may not be a ticking or tapping noise. There will be a "misfire" in the cylinder that has the bad lifter, There is loss of fuel economy. The car will fail emissions testing.

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