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Not directly, he may not have intended to leave you, but relationships like everything else in life comes and goes. This could be considered emotional abuse, but if while you were together, his treatment of you was acceptable by your own standards then you can't really call it abuse. However, in my opinion if you feel abused either emotionally or physically then it is considered abuse. It's called self-abuse..Meaning you ARE doing this to yourself..Save yourself and leave him behind..spit him out like a piece of gum!!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-18 02:28:56
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Q: Is it considered abuse when a guy charms you and says he loves you so much and then spits you out and goes and plays the field with other woman?
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He might abuse you because he really loves you and that is his way of expressing it, that he is sooo afriad to loose you that he threagthens you so you would never leave him.

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Why are love and abuse equal?

Love and abuse are not equal. Someone who truly loves you would not abuse you. Someone who abuses you does not love you. Someone who has been abused needs help and support to undo the psychological damage, to learn about real love and to feel worthy of love without abuse. It's a long and often difficult road, but it is worth taking. Recognizing the abuse and getting out of the relationship are the first steps towards healing.

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Its not abuse if he doesnt physically hurt you or intentionally say things to hurt your feelings. He is most likely using you, taking advantage of you or cheating on you.

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