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Is it considered cheating when using a photo reference while drawing or painting?

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Of course not. Just about every, if not every great artist uses models. A photo reference is a single dimensional model. +++++++++++ I felt the same way when I was in art school. A professor then pointed out to me that if I could retain all the knowledge I would need as reference material, I would be the most sought out person in the world. I would know everything!!! Also, just think about how much more you're learning as you do your research. You might want to carry a camera around with you too. It's amazing how much we see and don't take notice of on a daily basis. This will enhance your own personal archives. Your photos will be your reference material.

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he's good with drawing and painting ?

What are the different kinds of art?

Painting ( such as : watercoloring , oil painting , tempura painting , acrillic painting , gesso painting , portrait painting , landscape painting , still life painting , etc. ) , Ceramic , Sculpturing , Drawing ( such as landscape drawing , portrait drawing , nature drawing , still life drawing , Doodle. ) , Cartooning and Animation , Music , Entertainment , Dancing , Singing , Modeling , Hobbies , Optical Illusion , Exercising , Martial Arts , Meditation , Yoga , and others .

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What is a Preparatory drawing to be reproduced as a fresco or painting?

Underdrawing A underdrawing is the drawing done on a painting ground before paint is applied.

What were picaso's hobbies?

painting and drawing

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What is free hand drawing?

it is drawing with out a reference or guide telling you how to draw

What is visual drawing?

Visual drawings are those creations you can look at, such as a drawing or a painting.

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What are some non-canon My Little Pony names related to art such as drawing or painting?

drawing painting sketching coloring smudging

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What is the difference between painting and drawing tools?

There are some fundamental differences between painting and drawing. Although somewhat similar (they share some of the same tools and tool functions), painting and drawing have different functions. Whereas objects in drawing can be edited on an “whole object by whole object” basis, objects in painting can be changed and moved on a pixel by pixel basis.

What did Leonardo Da Vinci like doing more drawing or painting?


What is a drawing or plan for a painting called?


Did Louis Pasteur have a hobby?

Painting and drawing.

Drawing or painting a rough outline?


What was Georges Braque famous for?

for painting and drawing

A drawing or painting a rought outline?


When did Vincent van Gogh first start drawing?

Of course he made drawings as a child. Painting is not the same as drawing!His first painting is from 1881 when he was 18.

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What did Picasso like drawing most of all?

He liked painting better than drawing.

What word means drawing or painting a rough outline?

A sketch is a rough outline drawing.