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It is foreplay, a prelude to the act of sex.

Answeryes, just not sexual intercourse it is sexual outercourse. But still sex AnswerIf you are naked and rubbing body parts's sex Answeryes, this is a sexual act. even though there was no penetration, there was intimacy, and genitali stimulated and touching. probably he came, even if you didn't. this is a sex act 4 sure


I had same query.. plz someone answer my qustion...

Me and my BF had sex without intercourse, or u can say just forplay .. he did not insert bt just touch to my vagina... its 2 moths nw and i had 2 regular periods after that and still have no pregnancy symptoms at all... do u think is it possible that i m pregnant?

2011-06-29 13:37:17
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Yes, the only way to get pregnant is if the sperm goes into the womans vagina and meets the egg. There does not have to be any penetration by the male organ to achieve this.

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