Is it correct to use warmly welcome to our company?

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It is not correct to say it exactly that way, but it would be correct to say, "We warmly welcome you to our company." In this case, "warmly" is an adverb modifying "welcome" used as a verb.

It would also be correct to say, "We would like to extend a warm welcome to our company." In this case, "warm" is an adjective modifying "welcome" used as a noun.
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Is it correct to say you are welcomed or you are welcome?

Both, depending on the construction. As an adjective, it is welcome: You're welcome to try it, or You're welcome here for as long as you like. As a past participle of the verb to welcome, it is welcomed: I was welcomed at the door by the hostess.

Does anyone have welcome passes not used for builabearville?

no but i can tell you how to get one. all you have to do is email buildabearville services at and ask for a welcome pass. In the message be really shmoozy and tell them how u love BABV but how u want to have a cub condo and stuff. They will reply to ur email and ask for some in ( Full Answer )

Does baptism welcome us to a Catholic church?

Yes, but only if you are catholic. Catholic baptisms are based on initiation into the Catholic church. Baptism means to "begin a new live", and is to wash sins away in your live.

What is the correct use of 'was' or 'is'?

Is is a present tense be verb, was is the past tense form of is. He is happy . he was happy yesterday. Was and is are used as in the sentences above or with an ing form of a verb to make present continuous or past continuous. The teacher is marking the test papers now. The ( Full Answer )

What is the Indian Tobacco Company Welcome group?

The ITC subsidiary ITC Welcomgroup is a hotel chain that consists of more than 80 locations in India, and includes the Starwood Hotels franchises as well as 4 separate brands: 1) ITC - Luxury Collection Hotels 2) WelcomHotel Sheraton Hotels 3) Fortune Hotels, 4) WelcomHeritage Hotels

Is it grammatically correct to say your welcome?

If you are responding to someone's thanks, you should say "you're welcome." In this case, you are using the contraction for "you are." It would be correct, however, if you were telling someone, "you have worn out your welcome." In this instance, it is a possessive pronoun.

Which is correct you are welcome to stay or you are welcomed to stay?

American English is sad, since none of us actually read novels any more! Many believe that it is correct to say, "you're welcome", but it is not! It is grammatically incorrect to say, "you're welcome to eat any thing in the refrigerator." You must say, "you're welcomed to eat anything in the r ( Full Answer )

Is it correct to say All gifts are welcomed?

It can be correct to say that all gifts are welcomed if it is aparty for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or someother party. Accepting all kinds of gifts is a tradition celebratedby many.

What Can I Do you for is that correct and when do we use this?

It is a colloquialism, an informal way of saying "What can I do for you", or "How can I help you"? "What can I do you for" is fine for causal language, but it would not be considered tasteful or polite in some settings.

Welcomes us into the Christians family?

Sorry, the question is a bit vague. If you mean how do you become part of the Christian family, then the answer is if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Redeemer then you will be saved.

What is the correct use of is and are?

Is, are, and am are the present tense of the verb "to be." Is is used with a third-person singular subject. Am is used with a first-person singular subject. Are is used in all other cases. Examples: Third person singular examples: He is good. She is good. It is good. Johnny is g ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of smiling warmly?

The opposite of a warm smile would probably be a ferocious grimace, or an evil glare. The opposite type of smile could be a condescending sneer.

What is the correct or better way to say We welcome any insight you want to share with us in an effort to improve the claims process.?

The sentence, "We welcome any insight you want to share with us in an effort to improve the claims process" is what English professors call "wordy". That sentence has 18 words. Let's see how to tighten it. Think of the points you want to communicate. . encourage or welcome . to share . insights ( Full Answer )

What is the term used to indicate a person is not welcome?

"persona non grata" is a legal term used to describe that. This involves foreign nationals with diplomatic credentials that we do not wish in the U.S. any more. More mundanely, "tresspassed" may be what you are thinking of.

How do you make a sentence using welcome?

She stood at the door to welcome guests as they arrived He went next door to welcome our new neighbors. That exclusive country club doesn't welcome new members.

What actually transpirred in the correct 'gilford motor co vs horne when it comes to the use of a company to avoid an existing legal duty?

Gilford Motor Co Ltd v Horne 1933 Horne left the Gilford Motor Company in order to set up his own business. When he left he agreed that he would not solicit any of his former employers customers. As a way around this restriction he set up his own company. FINDING: Horne was prevented by an Injun ( Full Answer )

Make a sentence with the word warmly?

Warmly as an adverb means doing something with a warm attitude - meaning friendly or kind. . She smiled warmly at him across the table. . The hotel manager always made sure his staff greeted their guests warmly.

Can you use welcome when answering a telephone?

Not really. Its always a good idea to start by saying either good morning or good afternoon and tell the caller who they are speaking to. Always end the phone call wishing them a good day and be polite throughout the call. Welcome is more of a term to use when visitors come to your work.

How do you say warmly in Scottish?

"Scottish" is not a language but a word to describe something from Scotland. "Scots" is a dialect and "Scottish Gaelic" is a language.

What is the correct way to say you're welcome in spanish?

The common practice in Spanish (as in other European languages) is to denigrate the value of what you have done or how you have benefitted the person who is thanking you. Typically, you say the equivalent of "It's nothing." This is true for Spanish, German, and French. In Spanish, you say, "De nada, ( Full Answer )

What is the correct noun for a company of?

The noun 'company' is used as a collective noun for: . a company of actors . a company of angel fish . a company of archer fish . a company of finches . a company of moles . a company of parrots . a company of soldiers . a company of widgeon (a type of duck)

Is welcome or welcomes correct?

Depends in which context, you can welcome someone into your home, or if your talking about someone else, "He welcomes them into his home", or you have welcomed someone into your home.

Is welcome finance a public limited company?

Welcome Finance, a company based in the United Kingdom, is a leader is what is known as non-traditional loans. They are a publicly traded company with limited liablity to the shareholders. The British term for this is a public limited company.

Is it correct to say your suggestions are welcome or welcomed?

Both are correct with different meaning. In "Your suggestions are welcome at any time" welcome is an adjective. In "Your suggestions are welcomed by the committee" welcomed is the passive participle of the verb to welcome.

When you say thanks for your most welcomed response is this correct sentence?

It sounds like you're struggling to form a business-worthy response to a customer's reply. Try something less formal and choppy, such as: "Thank you for your response" OR "I appreciate your response to my inquiry today" "Thanks for your most welcomed response" sounds like you're a foreigner tryin ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with warmly?

hardly sharply harshly army largely partly sorry folly barley calmly hardly hearty darkly fondly hotly sparsely volley parsley smartly holly parley starkly zombie harpy party costly awfully larvae godly hobby jolly nobly oddly poly foggy hockey marshy motley those are just some there are many mo ( Full Answer )

Is it correct to say a company of actors?

Yes, the collective nouns for a group of actors are: . A cast of actors . An ensemble of actors . A guild of actors (as workers) . A troupe of actors . A company of actors

How does the vehicle welcome us in the airport?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from our firm after the booking you did. When you transfers date comes, your driver will be waiting for you in the personal welcomers area with a board in his hands on which your name is written.

Where can one find a company profile for Welcome Break?

For those who may be looking for a company profile for the Welcome Break group there are many websites offering insight into the Welcome Break. One of these sites is the Bloomberg Businessweek section on the Investing Businessweek website.

Is it correct to say more than welcomed?

You can sometimes tell people that they are welcome, meaning either that you are happy to have them visit you in your home, or that you are happy to have done something for them, for which they have thanked you. If you wish to emphasize just how really happy you are, you can say, you are more than w ( Full Answer )

Is it correct to say Any information you might have would be welcome?

Yes, but more grammatical is "Any information you might provide would be welcome." The technical verb would be welcomed but both welcomed andwelcome can be adjectives referring to the noun information . Another version of this request is "Any information you mightprovide would be greatly appreci ( Full Answer )