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Call the Electric Company to observe this. They probably will want to replace the meter. On the other hand I can't think of an easier way to lower your electric bill. But dangerous, I wouldn't think so.

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If you reverse the flow on a water meter will it turn the meter backwards?

Yes, a water meter will run backwards. Running your meter backwards is stealing and could result in your service being diconnected and or a fine. Modern meters that are read via radio signals are sofisticated electronic instruments and will report leaks and reverse flows when read. So if your meter is a radio read type you had better not mess with it.

What is a meter box?

A meter box is the metal box mounted to the external wall of a home that houses the meters, circuit breakers etc.

Does 100 meters 1 centimeter?

No it is backwards. 1 meter = 100 centimeters 1 centimeter = 0.01 meter

Why would you get a negative voltage reading?

Because the meter is connected backwards

Where is the circuit breaker in a garage?

If your circuit breakers are in the garage, they would be in a electrical panel (a metal box mounted on a (usually) outside wall, with the electric meter on the outside. The circuit breakers can be either just below the meter on the outside on opposite it inside the garage. It would usually be very close to where the electric connection to the house is. The electrical panel and breakers are not necessarily in the garage.

What happens to the meter reading when you invert the installation of direction of the arrow on the current transformer of power meter?

The wattmeter will read downscale (backwards).

Why would you be getting electricity to just part of your house if all the breakers are on?

only one phase is being supplied problem might be outside with the meter try pushing in on the meter if a contact is made than install a new meter base and meter.

How can you slow a digital electric meter from home?

Shut off the breakers to high current appliances, baseboard heating and lights.

How dangerous can a tsunmai be?

tsunami can kill you and it is 30 meter high

Can a 100 amp main have 2 50 amp breakers?

Yes.Additional InformationBreakers and fuses protect the wires to prevent fire. The 100 Amp breaker in the meter base (main) protects the wire from the meter base to the breaker panel. The 50 Amp breaker in the breaker panel protects the wire from the breaker panel to the outlet. Sometimes the 100 amp main breaker is located in the panel.If you are asking "Can you use two 50 amp breakers for the main breakers with a 100 amp service, then yes you can. The National Electrical Code allows you to use up to 6 breakers as the main overcurrent protection.

A faulty alternator plug was replaced on an '86 F350 460 the amp meter registers backwards and smokes a little when running?

The wires in the plug are backwards. switch them around

Is One Centimeter Equal To 100 meters?

You've got the right idea, but exactly backwards. 1 meter = 100 centimeters 1 centimeter = 0.01 meter

How can you test circuit breakers on a Ford Ranger?

I'm not sure if a Ford Ranger has breakers or fuses. If you are talking about fuses, you can remove them and measure their resistance with an ohm meter. If they are good, they will read ~0 ohms. You could do similar with a breaker, if you can remove it from the circuit. With the breaker closed, the resistance should be near zero. With it open it should be very high (will probably max out your meter).

How taxi meter runs?

Taxi meters increase their numbers slowly for time and distance.

What is creep in energy meter?

The Aluminium disc in energy meter continues to slowly rotate even if no current is supplied to the current coil . This rotation of the disc is known as creep .

Where are transient voltage most dangerous?

when reading voltage at the meter base where power comes in the house.

Why is it important to connect the positive lead of the ammeter to the positive side of the battery?

The ammeter will only read when connected properly. If the meter is connected backwards, then the meter reads the wrong way. If it is a digital ammeter then it may not work at all.

How do you fill your special shot meter in bakugan battle brawlers ds?

Your opponent has to have won 2 gate cards. Then your special shot meter will fill completely. Another way is to have as many turns as possible, so your meter will slowly fill up.

Can more wires be ran from the meter base to supply a shop from your house?

No, you cannot put but one set of wires in a meter base. The way to go about this, is to mount an outside panel beside your meter base. Panel sized to existing house service, equipped with two main breakers. One to re-feed the house panel the other to feed your shop.

If the live and neutral connection in an electric meter are reversed does the meter rotate reverse?

In some cases yes, but it depends on the motor's application (use). For example, the electric motor in a batery-operated toy car will turn backwards if you reverse the polarity. Other more complex motors won't work at all, or can be damaged if you reverse the polarity. it is an AC motor that runs the Wattmeter, it is all about the direction of current flow to make the meter run backwards you would need to swap the incoming active and the incoming neutral with the outgoing active and the outgoing neutral, thereby reversing the meter. reversing the Active and Neutral does nothing because they already are swapping between themselves at 50 times a second or 60 depending on your location. Also if you put more current into your supply than is being draw by it then the meter will also spin backwards. eg: overdriving it with a generator.

Why would an electric meter on your house turn backwards?

Because the utility customer is providing energy to the grid. Usually because of net metering of renewable systems.

What happens when capacitor KVAr rating is much bigger than the required rating?

You end up with a leading power factor. The Kvar meter will run backwards.

Do solar panels store the power in batteries?

Yes, they can. Or they can connect and feed power back into the electricity grid, turning your meter backwards, or giving you a credit on your bill.

How do you know if a crank position sensor is bad?

You will have a no spark situation. Testing it with a volt meter is easy. Twist the crank shaft slowly by hand and watch volt meter. If there is voltage and no voltage the sensor is good. No readings sensor is bad

What should you do if your electricity is out?

First check with other people in nearby homes to find out if there is a general power outage. If there is, call the power company to ask about it. If everyone else has power, SAFELY look in your main service panel, where the meter is, to check if any of the breakers or fuses are tripped or have blown. If so, turn breakers back on or replace fuses. If they still trip CALL AN ELECTRICIAN.