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Is it dangerous if you had vocal cord polyps removed and also had swollen painless lymph nods at the left under your jaw but the antibiotics got rid of them?


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November 07, 2007 10:47AM

All polyps should be removed because they may be considered pre cancerous (meaning they could turn into cancer if not removed.) Get a second opinion by a specialist on this. IT DOES NOT mean you have cancer, but the polyps should be removed. Your lymph nodes are everywhere in your body and are a filtering system. People with a lot of allergies can have this problem (filtering is at top speed and constant in some cases) causing bumps, lumps or polyps. My girlfriend is Asian and she had two lumps under her chin and she was fearful it was cancer. Because she has such bad allergies I told her to see the specialist right away and be tested (cancer in her family) but basically her doctor told her the same thing. However, the specialist did remove two lymph nodes and they were not cancerous and she's doing fine. If you EVER have any concerns such as you do now, write your questions down and then ask your GP (he'd have the lab report) or your specialist and don't second guess your problem. You're just fine! Be sure to have your doctor check you out re your vocal cords each year you go for a physical.