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Right now you are at a very good age to conceive. The chances of conception decrease with a woman's age. Considering you are 21, there is a lot of years ahead of you. Men can father babies many years longer than a woman. I have read reports of 70 something men becoming dads. So not to worry and good luck.

im 19 my partners 42 and im pregnant at the minute with my 2nd child so no it doesnt really matter also my dad was 52 when he had me!

Age really makes no difference in whether or not a woman can become pregnant, as long as she is menstruating and ovulating and as long as the male partner is producing semen and able to ejaculate.

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Q: Is it difficult to get pregnant if there is an age difference?
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Could girls that dont get their period at early age can't get pregnant?

I dont think that really makes a difference, as long as you have your period you are able to get pregnant unless something else is wrong with you that enables you or makes it difficult for you to get pregnant

Can you get pregnant with a difficult pelvis?

Yes, but delivery is difficult.

Is it difficult for people to get pregnant?

It is much more difficult to get pregnant in your thirties. Younger people are more fertile.

Will the relationship last if there is a 14 year age difference and they got pregnant in first two months of dating?

If "they" try and make it work, then yes. There is nothing wrong with age difference, nor getting pregnant at an earlier stage of dating. It's "their" life, they do whatever "they" want to do with it.

Can you be pregnant at the age 12?

if you mean can you get pregnant at age twelve than yes

Is it difficult to get pregnant if they have the same blood?

the answer is yes

What is the ideal age for a pig to get pregnant?

They are able to get pregnant at over 6 months of age.

What age do most teen girls get pregnant?

most teenagers get pregnant at age 15

Until what age can a dog get pregnant?

A dog can get pregnant until about 9 years of age.

What is the youngest age you can be to get a girl pregnant one pregnant?

You can get pregnant as soon as you start your minstral cycle. So in that case you can get pregnant at almost any age>

How old do most girls get pregnant?

Any girl can get pregnant as long as they have their period...but as for the age, there is no specific age women get pregnant.

Is a 22 year age difference too great to overcome?

Not necessarily. It depends on the people and how they feel about each other. It also depends on their ages. If one is 41 and the other is 19 it would be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome the age difference.

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