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  • Yes it is disrespectful. I have no idea what balding has to do with it. Some guys shave all their hair right off and some of these guys can carry off the look. It sounds like you are more angry at him than anything. Instead of getting angry tell him that when you are out with him it's rude to boldly stare at other women while you are in his presence and tell him if he can't find you attractive enough for his utmost attention, then hit the curb!
  • I don't think he really means it, but, because you mentioned his baldness I suspect he has mentioned his baldness bothers him and most certainly his sexual dysfunction. He's just trying to see if another woman finds him attractive because he has no self confidence at this point.
  • My husband is not completely bald, but receding a lot, and to tell you the truth I don't even notice it. I don't care! Sexual dysfunction can be caused by Diabetes (the big culprit here) or, some medications such as SSRIs for depression. Get him to see a doctor and see if he has low testosterone. Good luck Marcy
  • There's no sin in simply looking so long as he's not flirting and acting on these feelings. But doing that looking around you is extremely disrespectful.
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Q: Is it disrespectful when a man of 50 who is balding and has a sexual dysfunction stares at a young girl and is quite obvious about it when his girlfriend who is attractive is right beside him?
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