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Is it easy to adjust or replace a lifter on a 97 Mercedes or should you have a mechanic do it?


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valve adjustment should be done only by someone with experance,lifter replacment only by a mechanic ether done wrong will be very costly.


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Have the timing checked and adjusted by a mechanic. you may have to replace the lifter valves if they are getting stuck

The lifters on a 1998 Breeze are not adjustable.

You can't fix a bad lifter, replace the bad lifter with a new one.

All engines in a 2001 Lumina use hydraulic lifters. These lifters are self adjusting. Lifter related valvetrain noise is most commonly caused by failure to replace the lifters after destroying them by excessive driving with water-contaminated oil.

No, they are torqued to a specific amount and the lifter controls lash.No, they are torqued to a specific amount and the lifter controls lash.

how to replace lifter saturn 2002 1.9l sohc

You have to remove the cylinder head to access the lifters.

The lifter bucket, which is on top of the valve stem, and the spring in the Overhead Cam engine aides in adjusting the valve clearance.

If a lifter is worn out you are not going to fix it, you will want to replace it with a new one.

Make sure your cam is rotated to lowest spot for the lifter you are about to adjust.... Once you indicate low spot ...tighten lifter till it is snug with no up or down play but still spins.... Take two wenches and lock it in...repeat for all for no bent push guarantee.. file, video file and pictures outlining lifter replacement.

A 95 S10 4.3 Vortec does not need a valve adjustment. Instead, a hydraulic lifter is used. To repair a bad lifter, add half a can of seafoam motor to tune the oil.

If you have any doubt, replace them. If the engine is running, you can pull a rocker cover and see if you can find a noisly lifter by slipping a thick feeler gauge between the valve and the rocker while the engine is running. If that significantly changes the sound of the noisy lifter, it's probably bad and you should replace it. Once the engine is torn down, just replace any lifter that's suspicious. Many people replace them every time they tear the engine down.

If the lifter has failed, the engine will run poorly due to no valve action on that cyl. Confirmation would be to remove the valve cover to see which valve is not working. You will have to remove the intake to get at the lifter, and if you do that, the might be good to replace them all, hopefully the cam is still good. It is possible that the cam is worn also.That can be replace at the same time thru the front of the engine when you strip it.

If it's a hydraulic lifter, you don't need a feeler gauge You can adjust 1, 2, 5, & 7 intakes and 1, 3, 4, & 8 exhausts from the #1 TDC position. The rest would be done by rotating the engine one revolution to #6 TDC. When you're in the correct position for the lifter you want to adjust, tighten the rocker nut until there is no backlash on the pushrod and an additional 1/2 turn for preload.

no fix for lifter.... must be replaced... remove valve cover, remove rocker arm assembly replace bad lifters.... put it all back together

only way to stop lifters from ticking is to replace the lifter. ticking or noise from lifters is caused by parts being worn most times whenthis happens the nlobe on the cam that the worn lifter is on, is also worn,so you have to decide if it is worth paying for both to be replaced

you cant if rattling noise occures its a worn lifter very common on 3.1 motors

a car lifter or a motor lifter

If you want to adjust them due to lifter chatter, don't do it. They all have a tendancy to chatter with a few miles on them. My '94 Cherokee has 200,000 + miles on it and it sounds like a Diesel truck. but she runs great

Take a pushrod and push down on the plunger in the lifter. A hydraulic lifter is spring loaded.

If you a hydrolic lifter... Lifter is about $20 + plus labor 1-2 hours.

03 impala missfire dont have same power after second gear

There is no adjustment. The rockers are torqued down to specs and that's it. If you have lifter clatter you probably have worn valve train parts.

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