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== == General etiquette answer: *It depends on who is paying for the wedding. If the bride's parents are paying, they are the ones doing the inviting. If the bride and groom are paying, their names go on the invitation. If the groom's parents are paying, their names go on the invitation. In a wedding/engagement announcement it is appropriate to use the names of both sets of parents. * If your fiance's parents will be attending the wedding then their names should be on the invitation. If there is a problem in the family and your fiance doesn't want his parents attending then it's just fine putting your parents name only. It usually goes .... Diane and Roy Smith together with Yvonne and Tim Johnson request the honor of your presence at the marriage celebration of their children CATHERINE SMITH AND BRAD JOHNSON Saturday, the ____of ______2006 and 4:30 PM at the (name the church). Reception follows at 6 PM at ______________. NOTE: Give the time of the reception, the place, address and phone # and a small map inside of the invitation helps many guests. If it is an outdoor wedding the above would apply with this change: SATURDAY ________2006 at 4:30 PM FOR AN OUTDOOR CEREMONY AND RECEPTION AT _____________________________________. RECEPTION IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE CEREMONY.

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Q: Is it etiquette for the bride to put only her parents' names on the wedding invitation and not the groom's parents?
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What is wedding invitation etiquette when the grooms parents have different last names?

The etiquette for the groom's parents who have different last names would be: ... to John Doe, Jr. son of Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Mary Smith .....

How is a wedding invitation worded if the brides parents are both doctors and the grooms are not?

Drs Jones and Mr and Mrs Smith

What do the grooms parents pay for in a wedding?

The dinner before the wedding.........

What changes when the Grooms parents pay for wedding?

what does the groom parents pay for at a traditional wedding

Who pays for wedding reception drinks?

Grooms Parents

Do the grooms parents play a part in the wedding?

yes. they usally pay for the wedding.

Do the grooms parents go in wedding a car?

No, they should not accompany the groom in the wedding car.

What contribution should the grooms parents make to the wedding?

Anything you or the grooms parents feel comfortable with maybe a honeymoon present. If they step in too much just ask them who's wedding is this

Should the brides' parents send a note to the grooms parents after the wedding to thank them for giving the wedding?

Sure. That would be lovely.

If the grooms parents are divorced how do you seat them at the wedding?

Away from each other.

After a proposal should the grooms parents call the brides parents or should the brides parents call the grooms parents first?

It does not really matter whether it is the groom or bride's parents who call. In many cases the groom's parents call, but, etiquette does not dictate this.

Whose name goes first on a wedding invitation the brides or the grooms?

The Brides. The Brides name goes first on everything

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