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No, it's not possible that a double-headed quarter with two such diverse dates could be a legitimate Mint error. Dies are destroyed, if not worn out through usage, by the end of the year in which they are used. The coin in question is almost certainly a novelty or magician's coin.

2006-08-07 00:31:46
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Q: Is it even possible that a quarter with heads 1972 on one side and heads 1994 on the other side could be legimate?
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Who is on the heads side of the quarter?

George Washington

What is a quarter most likely to land on?

HEADS!! Because our heads are bigger than our butts!! :)

How many possible outcomes for one coin toss?

2 because it can either be heads or tails:) but if the coin is a 2 headed quarter only one.

What are the possible outcomes for 2 tosses of a coin?

Heads+Heads ; Heads+Tails ; Tails+Tails

Is a quarter most likely to be on heads or tails after a flip?


If you flip 5 coins how many possible outcomes are there?

If each coin is a different color, then there are 32 possible outcomes. If you can't tell the difference between the coins, and you're just counting the number of heads and tails, then there are 6 possible outcomes: 5 heads 4 heads 3 heads 2 heads 1 heads all tails

What is the probability of flipping a quarter and getting heads and rolling a die and getting a 6?

The probability of flipping a quarter and getting heads is 1 in 2. the probability of rolling a die and getting 6 is 1 in 6.

If you flip a coin 150 times how many times will you get heads?

This cannot be answered the way you asked it. The reason being is that it is possible (yet inprobable) that you could get 150 heads... or you could get 149 heads, or 148, 147, 146, .... So there are 150 possible answers to the way you asked it. However, statistically, one should average about 50% of the time getting heads. This would equate to be 75. The more trials you attempt, the closer you will be to the 50% mark.

How many heads are on a quarter?

If your talking about the faces, then there is only one head, George Washington, but if you are talking about the sides, there are two. Heads and Tails

Which comes up more when flipping a quarter Heads or tails?

Neither. Its a 50:50 probability. In the long run, heads will match tails.

What is the value of a quarter stamped on one side heads and blank on the other?

This could happen if two blank planchets got into the press together, causing on to get stamped with only the heads side, and the other to get stamped with only the tails side. This is a relatively rare error, and could be worth $50 to $100 or more. This could also be a normal quarter that somebody has altered. If it weighs significantly less than 5.67 grams, then I would say that it has been altered and has no added value.

How much is your us state quarter with heads on both sides worth?

It is worth nothing. You could try and take the two headed coin to a coin expert. But it is just a misprint.

What is the mean of the distribution of tossing a fair coin 24 times?

The answer depends on what the random variable is: it could be the number of heads, it could be the length of the longest sequence of heads (or tails), it could be the longest alternating sequence, and many other events. Since the event has not been defined, it is not possible to give a sensible answer.

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How many possible outcomes would there be if thirty two coins were tossed once?

Since each coin would have the outcome with Heads and Tails: Then among the 32 coins, we can have the possible outcomes from no Heads, 1 Head, 2 Heads, ....... , 31 Heads, 32 Heads. Therefore we would have 33 outcomes.

If you toss a penny a nickel and a quarter and a dime how many possible outcomes?

Each coin has two possible outcomes, either Heads or Tails. Then the number of outcomes when all 4 coins are tossed is, 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16.

What are the possible outcomes of a coin that is flipped?

The possible outcomes of a coin that is flipped are heads or tails.

Can a sperm have multiple heads?

It's rare, but possible.

What is a new Quarter with heads on both sides worth With no dates?

They cost about $8 in novelty shops.

A quarter is tossed 4 times in how many different orders can heads and tails be used?


How many possible outcomes of tossing a coin 3 times have exactly 1 head?

The outcomes are: heads, tails, tails or tails, heads, tails or tails, tails, heads. You can see that there are 3 possible outcomes with exactly 1 head.

How much is a three headed quarter worth?

There are no 3 headed quarters minted by the U.S. Mint.

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