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it sounds like she is jealous.

Women are very jealous. You really need to ask yourself how much you love your current girlfriend (if you love her at all). Also ask your gf about her past, maybe she has been hurt before by an ex who cheated on her or left her for his ex. Its really not that wrong for a person to ask their Bf/Gf to breat off ties with an ex. Ex's usually always get in the way. It is also very hard for ex's to "just be friends". If you really do adore you ex them perhaps you may not be 100% over her and if that's the case then maybe you shouldn't be with your current girlfriend. Just be honest with your girlfriend explane to her why you want to be friends with your ex. The worst possible thing you can do in this situation is to lie to your current girlfriend! If you refuse to break off all ties with your ex then tell your girlfriend straight up. But if you really care a lot about your current girlfriend then you should really respect her feelings and try to make her feel secure and happy. Although it may seem unfair eventually you are going to have to choose between your ex and your girlfriend. And also be aware that many women will feel the same way about your friendship with your ex, its just how many women are. So be prepared if you decide to stay friends with your ex that this problem probably will come up again in many of your future relationships. So if you really want to avoid this problem just be honest right away. Nobody likes surprises.

2011-09-13 02:36:22
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Q: Is it fair if your girlfriend doesn't want you to have any contact with your ex-girlfriend whom you adore as a friend and is she just insecure?
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