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I'm 7 months pregnant and I'm quite big I wouldn't be going around carrying things at my stage but if you were at let's say 3 months or so, maybe. It all really depends on how you feel. Cheers to mothers to be! Hope I've helped.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-02 07:25:44
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Q: Is it fine to carry weight during pregnancy?
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Is sea cucumber safe during pregnancy?

Its fine

Can you take Ibuprofen during pregnancy?

It is advised not to take Ibrupofen during pregnancy at all, however paracetemol is fine.

Can drinking tang with pineapple flavor create any problem during pregnancy?

Tang is absolutely fine to drink during pregnancy.

Can you eat kiwifruit during pregnancy?

Yes, it's perfectly fine.

How much blood is fine at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

if you are bleeding during pregnancy you should seek medical advice

Is it safe to eat paw paws during pregnancy?

Yes it is perfectly fine

Is it healthy to lose weight during pregnancy?

That depends on how the pregnant woman is losing the weight, what stage of pregnancy she's in when this happens, and how much she has lost or is planning to lose. In general, just about any method other than extreme exercise or not eating is going to be fine during the first two trimesters. Exercise is healthy and good for as long as the woman is comfortable and has the energy to do it. Dieting is a bit more complicated during pregnancy, but so long as she's getting healthy amounts of each of the food groups, she should be fine doing that for the entire pregnancy.

Is it safe to eat pigs blood during pregnancy?

It should be fine, however pigs can carry Hepatitis E and generally is an unclean/unhealthy animal to eat so I wouldn't recommend it.

Is it safe to not use protection during pregnancy?

The risk of STDs are still there but otherwise fine.

Is shifting of house during pregnancy a problem?

Not during a normal, healthy pregnancy. Leave the heavy lifting to someone else - but with your doctor's OK you should be just fine.

What are the symptoms associated with vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy?

I had some cramps with my early pregnancy bleeding. Everything turned out fine.

If you have had an ectopic pregnancy and found out you were pregnant two and a half months later is that ok?

As long as you feel well you should be fine and carry your pregnancy nornmally. Good luck

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