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Most of the time it could be seen as flirting.

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That is the correct spelling of the word "trifling". It can mean trivial or insignificant, or (slang) playfully flirting.

If you are involved with a person you catch flirting with someone else, you can confront them about it.

If you like someone you can show him/her by flirting

Yes it can be depending on who you are doing it to. if it is doing to a girl u look at for along time does tht mean he likes you

well, it all depends how old you are, if you are around his age then yes, he truly is flirting with you, try playing back and inviting him to stuff and trust me, it'll work... but if you are much much younger then hes just being nice, like if you're 13...

Yes, absolutely, take it from someone whs taken the chance and asked, they like you as way more then a friend.

If you are in elementary school it usually means he likes you (if it's a soft hit). He is flirting with you.If it's a hard hit and he hurts you... it means he's rotten and you should run. If you like him flirt back:) If its not in a friendly way, then be careful its not a sign or bulling...

to tease (someone) playfully.

It sounds like he's flirting with you if he's "playfully" kissing you, so I think he likes you.

Usually you will know when someone is flirting with you because they will be nervous, shy, and sometimes they wont stop smiling at you.

No adult courtship would be conducted by hitting someone with a piece of paper, but children who are fooling around are easily capable of it.

They ran playfully down to the store. She playfully teased him until he blushed.

Well it depends on the way she hits you. If she really is trying to hurt you or just playfully hitting you and laughing afterwards. If it's the second one then she's flirting with you. If it's the first one she's laughing because she's hurting you i guess.

Playfully is an adverb.

Usually when they are flirting, that means that they like the one they are flirting with.

definitely not! flirting is when you give them hints and just play around with getting each others attention liking someone is when your ready to take on a relationship with someone

It doesnt necesarrily mean she likes you but somewhat does. If she punches you shes got a problem, but if she just like fip your hair or something its like flirting.

It means he wants someone else but is flirting with you as a second resort if the person he likes doesnt like him back

The girl playfully tackled her boyfriend.

I playfully ran with my dog at the park.