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First of all, have you asked him why? Something is definitely wrong with this. Think back as to what happened at this time. Could he be having an affair? Is this possible? Does he have a lot of spare time by himself?

2011-09-13 02:36:37
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Who got married in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

I think it is Joe and Biddy, Wemmick and Miss Skiffins, Clara and Herbert, Drummle and Estella pretty much all of the good decent people that deserved love and marriage

How is friendship related to marriage?

It pretty much forms the entire basis for a decent marriage (i.e. one that doesn't happen just for money, looks or fame).

Did lowry have any illegitimate children?

No, he never even married or had any decent relationships.

When he said that it would be wrong for us to be intimate?

He is quite right in what he says, unless you are legally and lawfully man and wife, intimacy should not take place. I have said it many times to young people, that if you are intimate before you are married then your espoused is receiving second hand goods. Any decent man or woman expects his or her espoused to be clean and unspoiled by the ways of the world.

How do you get your married boyfriend back who returned to his wife once she found out that he was having an affair since he thought that was the right thing to do?

The wise and decent thing to do would be to respect this married man's decision and move on with your life. He did what he believes is right. You need to respect his decision and do what is right yourself. Let him work out things with his wife, and find a man who is not attached to a marriage or, for that matter, a girlfriend. Deb

Is decent a verb or an adjective?

Decent is an adjective--a decent person

Who are Shakiras family?

Shakira's Mum is called Nidya and her Dad is called William. She has 8 half-siblings from her Dad's previous marriage. She is from Arabic and Lebanese decent.

Is Everett McGill married?

Yes, Everett MCGill is married (for a long time - since the 70s?) to a woman named Linda, who, I read, is beautiful and of Croation decent. That's just what I've read.

Is getting married while being an undergraduate is beneficial?

In my opinion you should get married when you are ready to start a family. If you are planning to start a family with someone and you are in school as long as you have a decent amount of saving go for it!

Do you think about public intimacy?

Define "intimacy." Do you mean walking arm in arm? Holding hands? I'm all for it. Or do you mean assaulting children and all decent people by forcing them to see you engage in sex? With your ugly butt bared? And your smelly pubic hair on full view? I think I have to wash my eyes out with bleach. Then I think you should be jailed for a very long time. For the offense of displaying your ugly, hairy butt in public.

What is the correct spelling of decent?


Who is Amphimous?

You spelled his name wrong. Amphinomus: Among the dozens of suitors, the only decent man seeking Penelope's hand in marriage. He sometimes speaks up for Odysseus and Telemachus.

What rhymes with recent?

Decent, indecent,decent

What is the comparative form of decent?

more decent

Is it a correct English to say DECENT SKILL OR DECENT ABILITY?

It is correct English to say decent skill but not decent ability

Why is hamlet mad at his mother in act 1?

He is angry with her because she has married his uncle Claudius. He says that he feels that she did not wait a decent length of time after her father's death to remarry ("The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage table") but to tell the truth he would have been unhappy no matter how long she waited, as we find out in Act 4.

How old does Nick Jonas want to be when he gets engaged?

He plans to get married when he is a decent age and when he feels ready to make that promise to the one he trually loves.

How do you know when a married man is interested in a female friend that he has?

Unless he is making a decent move towards the friend, you wouldn't know what is going on unless either of them told you; a married man is neever going to make such a thing public.

What does decent mean?

Decent means to be free from indelicacy Decent means respectable, worthy, or in good taste.

Where can you buy decent rollerskates?

you buy them in a decent shopping center in a decent sport or roller skates shop.

What is the prefix for decent?

A prefix for decent is in, giving indecent.

Do you give decent answers?

Only if you ask decent questions

What makes a decent leader?

being a leader and a decent person

Is decent a word?

Yes, decent is a word.Decent is an adjective that means proper, suitable, kind, thoughtful, fairly good and satisfactory.

Does a man and wife know when they were happy to be together?

Marriage is by far from perfect and after the honeymoon reality can set in; raising a family is a big responsibility; paying the bills; trying to save money to buy a home and having decent jobs so there are times when a man and wife can be tense over many problems in their marriage, but yes, there are many times the husband and wife are happy in their marriage. It depends on the couple as well.