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no it is not

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โˆ™ 2008-11-19 03:57:37
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Q: Is it gay for boys to shave their pubic hairs?
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Do american boys have pubic hair?

Sometimes in the gay community they'll shave their pubic hair but by and large American boys have pubic hair.

Is it a predominantly gay act to shave your pubic hair?

No. Many straight men shave their pubic hair for hygienic and aesthetic reasons.

Can a straight male shave pubic hair?

Shaving pubic hair has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It is a personal choice, and many men, straight or gay, shave their pubic hair.

Why do gay men shave their pubic hair?

I shave my pubes, becaust I feel cleaner and it enhances my package! Shaving pubic hair is not a "gay" thing. Many gay men leave their bush alone. Many straight men shave their pubes, especially athletes like Olympic swimmers.

Do most guys shave their pubic hair?

I can't answer for a majority of guys. However in my personal experience alot of bi and gay guys do shave or at least trim their pubic hair

If your 16 and gay and have a pretty hairy groin area should you shave your pubic hair?


How do you shave your pubic hairs for guys?

i think guys shave their pubic hairs is because they are gay. trimming it works just as good. but if you really want to don't use a razor. get a electric shaver. does a lot of the work for you. I beg to differ Dear My Husband is not Gay,I shave him and the reason being I find it more attractive and To be clear Oral sex is much better. A few hints for those who do Shave Use a Fusion Power razor that's all we both use. I have never been cut and always shave with the grain although we both shave against the grain with no problem it is not recommended. And for the Electric Razor Not good for us. I used a trimmer the first time but a Electric Razor burns both of use. I will also mention it is great fun grooming each other also

Is it gay for a 14 yr old to shave his pubic hair all the way?

Nah dude. The chicks dig it. It isn't 'gay'. People do it for it to look good and for hygiene reasons.

Is it gay for men to shave pubic hair?

No it is not.

Is it gay to shave your armpit hair and pubic?

Shaving itself never makes your gay. Most women and many adult males shave their pubic hair. Most guys don't start until 17-18 because their peers haven't started. I know I shaved my pubes at 13 just to see how it looked. It was in the summer however, so I had time to let it grow back. No, it's not 'gay' to shave your pubic or armpit hair. Many women like a man that's shaved, as it's normally seen to be a lot cleaner.

How do you shave your pubic hair off your balls without cutting them?

REALLY CAREFULLY Or that is what I would guess I am 13 so I don't really care and doing that just makes you gay

Should a man shave his balls?

Hi! You don't have to shave down there, it's simply a choice you make. Shaving your pubic hair isn't 'gay', for as a matter of fact it tends to feel (and look) a lot better. However, if you were to shave the hair to an extremely short length, this could prove itself as a problem. Pubic hair is designed to aerate the region and dissipate moisture; and if there is little to none there, well, you get the idea. But yeah! Go for it, guy!

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