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Is it good or bad to shut a fridge down then turn it back on a month later?

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It's fine.

It's good to turn it on at least monthly to let the oils inside lube everything and to let any condensation disperse.

Most car manufacturers suggest truning the cars AC on monthly for the same reason for 20 minutes or so.

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How does heat get away from the back of a fridgE?

there are coils in the back of the fridge with a fan blowing on it when the compressor gets to hot it takes a break and then the fan cools it down mostly stays off for a few hours..

How does food in the refrigerator cool down?

food in the fridge cools down because of the cold air in the fridge.

How do you reuse oil after frying?

let the oil cool down, then put it back into the original container and put in the fridge.

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What slows down bread mold?


Why do we use a fridge?

we use a fridge to store food and drinks and also to slow down the process of bacteria breeding and spreading around the food in your fridge.

Fridge has a very bad smell nut it's not the food what can i do?

Wipe down the fridge with a wet cloth

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Does cantaloupe stay fresher in the fridge or out?

In the fridge, the cells slow down and mold doesn't grow as fast in the colder environment

Is it possible to cool down a room on a heat summer day by leaving the refrigerator door open?

No, the fridge puts as much heat out its back as it will put out the door.

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What is the landlord's responsibilities when a fridge breaks down?

If you provided the fridge, then the responsibility is yours. If you are renting a furnished place and the fridge is listed on the inventory when you moved in then you should be able to get your landlord to take responsibility.

Why does placing food in fridge slow down the rate of food spoilage?

it slows down the bacteria

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Why does your fridge leak water?

our fridge leaks water because air in it has some water vapours in it and as temp goes down this water condenses.

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Can you turn off your refrigerator at night to save money?

No. You won't save money. The food will get warm and spoil faster and the fridge will have to run longer to bring the temperature back down.

Is it safe to put food in the fridge right away?

That depends on the food. Hot food should cool down before being put in the fridge.

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What is the best way to let your xbox 360 cool down?

put it in your fridge.

Why does a helium balloon deflate in the fridge?

The air molecules slow down and it deflates.