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Slow Heartbeat at Rest is good The slower your heart beats with activity, the better shape your heart is in. The heart beats faster in order to provide 02 (oxygen), and if your are in super physical shape, the heart will beat at a more normal pace for a given pace. At the same time, elite athletes will be able to push themselves to even more intense levels, such that their maximum heart rate increases during extremely intense exercise. Also, the heart rests when you do. If you have an elevated heart rate at rest, it could be due to many different factors. Some examples: large caffeine intake, anemia, stress, lung disease, pain, or even a heightened emotional state (nervous, excited, angry). Another important thing is how quickly your heartrate can recover to a normal beat after strenuous exercise.

Answer2: Better check things with your doctor. Before surgery two years ago I found out I have a very slow heart rate. After test and wearing a halter monitor for 24 hours, my doctors said it's my normal. Exercise makes the heart rate even lower, but my doctors don't seem really concerned because they say a slow heart rate is better in general.

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How do you find a cows heart?

It is on the left side of the animal, you are able to hear the heart beating with a stethoscope behind the left shoulder close to the girth area.

Is it OK to not be able to feel your heart beat?

Given that you are still alive (dead people do not post questions on this site) your heart is still beating, whether you can feel it or not. I will add that if you feel your neck, just next to your wind-pipe, you should be able to feel the pulse in your carotid artery. But even if you can't, that is still OK. Your heart is beating.

Is ghost alive?

Ha ha, of course not! Although they are very real, the are not necessarily breathing or have a beating heart. Although they also may be able to harm you or your belongings, still... they do not know a beating heart any longer.- Cheshire Kat

If babys heart stops beating in your tummy would you know?

you wouldn't be able to know unless you went to the doctor. then they can discuss it there for you.!

When you are sleep you can feel yourself faintly not breathing when you awaken completely your heart is not beating for at least 2 mint you will get up and move around and then it starts to beat again?

No, none of that is really happening. If your heart was truly not beating for two minutes, you wouldn't be able to "get up" without medical intervention.

When will the baby get a heart beat?

The heart begins beating around the 5th week. You can hear it with Doppler ultrasound around week 9 or 10. You may be able to hear it with a stethoscope around week 20.

Does the brain keep the heart beating?

The heart is able to beat by itself by means of the pacemaker (Primarily the Sino-atrial node). The role of the brain is to regulate the heart rate. Increasing it via sympathetic stimulation or decreasing it via parasympathetic stimulation.

Has jenny Lewis left primeval?

In the episode with the future fungus, her heart stop's beating, but the gang are able to resussitate her. But she decides to quit while she's ahead.

Explain why it is important that the heart rate is able to alter?

The heart needs to be able to increase it's rate when the body is working hard, so that it can supply more blood to the muscles. If it wasn't able alter it's rate, we wouldn't be able to run or work hard. And when people are sleeping, the heart slows down so that it can rest up for when we are active again.

What is more important the heart or brain?

Both the brain and the heart is important. If there are no brain, the heart would not be able to work. And if there are no heart, the brain would not have enough blood to function.The heat keeps beating when the brain is dead but only for a few secs.. but when the heart quits beating you have with in 5 min be for the patients is dead. and with in that time doctors can shock you back to lifeSo i say the Brain is more important.the brain, because if the heart stops you might still live but if the brain stops then your dead

How can you prevent a pneumonia?

Pneumonia puts you at the point of death, by making your heart flutter instead of beating. You might not be able to prevent it, but your mind might be strong enough to overcome it!

When does a baby heart beat start?

The fetal heart begins beating around the 5th week of development. You can hear it with Doppler ultrasound around week 9 or 10. You may be able to hear it with a stethoscope around week 20.

Can a baby be seen on ultrasound at 11 weeks without a heartbeat and be all right?

If the heartbeat is not visible at 11 weeks on an ultrasound, that would be cause for concern. The fetal heart begins beating approx. 22 days after implantation into the uterine lining. An ultrasound done at 6 weeks will confirm a viable pregnancy and you would be able to see the heart beating.

How do you get past the man selling the rage candy bar in mahogany town on Pokemon heart gold?

After beating Team Rocket and Pryce (the Mahagony Town Gym Leader) you are able to pass him.

What chapter does Nobara die in?

She might've in chapter 156 because her heart stopped beating. Mikan wouldbe able to save her with the Stealing Alice.Find out on Gakuen Alice Chapter 156

Are geologists able to drill to the center of earth?

No they arent able to because earths inner core is to hot for them to drill!

How do you know if your hamster is hibernating and not dying?

you should try to wake it up and if it doesn't wake up after about 2 hours then it is dead.or you may be able to feel its heart beat but it is beating very slowly.

Should you be able to feel your babies heart beating through her chest at 1 week?

From an Rn: yes, it is called the point of maximum intensity or pmi. It's normal. Good Luck Joymaker

What if you are an active 24 year old female who has noticed a abnormally fast resting heart rate and is sometimes waken up at night when my heart feels like its beating out of my chest should i worry?

If you wake up suddenly, or from nightmares, it is quite normal to have a fast heart rate. If it isn't these, then, yes, you might be right to worry. A doctor should be able to help you determine exactly what is causing the increased heart rate. ____________________________________________________________________ You could be having heart palpitations. Palpitations are usally of no importance unless symptoms occur For more information follow my link::: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_heart_works&alreadyAsked=1

Is club penguin storm free to download?

yes and no some are able to and some arent

How do you get to the solar cave?

you should be able to go there when you beat the game by beating rayquaza

Is Miley Cyrus sisters spanish?

no her sisters may be able to speak spanish but i am sorry they arent

Why are arterial walls thick?

Because they have to be able to withstand the pressure that the beating heart exerts on the walls of the vessels. Also arterial walls have muscles so they can constrict and dilate to help increase or decrease systemic blood pressure.

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