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Is it good to be able to see your heart beating hard when you work out and less when you aren't active?

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February 27, 2017 5:20PM

Slow Heartbeat at Rest is good The slower your heart beats with activity, the better shape your heart is in. The heart beats faster in order to provide 02 (oxygen), and if your are in super physical shape, the heart will beat at a more normal pace for a given pace. At the same time, elite athletes will be able to push themselves to even more intense levels, such that their maximum heart rate increases during extremely intense exercise. Also, the heart rests when you do. If you have an elevated heart rate at rest, it could be due to many different factors. Some examples: large caffeine intake, anemia, stress, lung disease, pain, or even a heightened emotional state (nervous, excited, angry). Another important thing is how quickly your heartrate can recover to a normal beat after strenuous exercise.

Answer2: Better check things with your doctor. Before surgery two years ago I found out I have a very slow heart rate. After test and wearing a halter monitor for 24 hours, my doctors said it's my normal. Exercise makes the heart rate even lower, but my doctors don't seem really concerned because they say a slow heart rate is better in general.