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Is it good to eat chocolate when you have your period?

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It's ALWAYS good to eat chocolate :-) As I got older, the more apt to sweets I got during my period. It's your body telling you that you need something. As long as you don't over do it, eat away my dear!! Yes it is, its tasty AND healthy!

2008-09-30 19:19:45
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Is chocolate good for you when you on your period?

No it is not Good for you

Is chocolate good for migraines?

You get migraines if you eat chocolate.

Should a girl eat chocolate when she is on her period?

no never

Does chocolate have good or bad fat in it?

Chocolate can have good and bad fats. If you eat to much chocolate you get fat.

Is it good to eat chocolate pudding when pregnant?

Yes chocolate pudding is always good

Why can't a girl eat chocolate when on her period?

i never heard of such a thing, i know gals that love to eat chocolate during pms

Should you eat chocolate during your period?

There is no harm in eating chocolate during menstruation. There is no reason not to unless you're in a diet... But it sure does taste better when you are PMSing... Can't help the cravings. You can have cramps when you eat chocolate while on your period.

Is chocolate good for health?

Dark chocolate can be good for female, if they eat just a little bit. The others, No.actually dark chocolate is good for you.yes!

Is it good to eat dark chocolate during your period?

It can be good, yes, because dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help boost a person's immune system and also because chocolate conatins chemicals (natural) that help raise people's moods and make them happier.

Why is it good to eat chocolate?

Some chocolate, especially dark (60% cocoa or more) chocolate contains antioxidants which are good for health.

Is it good to eat too much chocolate?

No a little chocolate is good but to much leads to gaining weight.

Can even crossbreed dogs eat chocolate mouses?

It is not good for dogs - or most animals, for that matter - to eat chocolate.

Will dogs eat chocolate even though it's not good for the them?

Most dogs will absolutely eat chocolate if given the chance.

Why dogs cannot eat chocolate?

its not good for them and it makes them not feel good.

What is a good slogan for a chocolate?

Eat it, or Beat it trollolol

Is it good to eat chocolate before bed?

It isn't really that good to eat chocolate before you go to bed because chocolate has caffeine in it. Caffeine makes you feel wide awake. If you have a little it might not be that bad.

Is it a good idea to eat chocolate before the SAT?

If you like chocolate and think it will help you relax, then yes, go ahead and eat some.

Why is chocolate bad for our body?

NO NO NO Chocolate is good and yummy so eat up get fat and be depressed cause your fat mmmmhhhhh chocolate

What is beavers poop made of?

chocolate... eat it... it is good for you... seriously

What happened if you eat chocolate with rice?

Nothing it's good

How does chocolate boost your mood?

Its just so good. Eat it!!

What stuff in chocolate can't dogs digest?

dogs can't eat chocolate period it has chemical acids that tears up the dogs stomache

Can hamsters eat human chocolate?

No they can not it will kill them but you can get special hamster chocolate from all good pet shops.

What is good to eat when you're on your period?

It is a proven fact that when you are on your period, it is very likely that you will crave chocolate. However chocolate is the worst thing you would want to be eating on your period. Drinking your own pee, and if you like, period blood, is actually suprisingly healthy. Around about the last day of your period, stop drinking your period blood and or your own urine, and eat some chicken nuggets because it is filled with all the important nutrients to get you back on your feet. Although do not have more then 15 nuggets because you might get pregnant and die.

Can you eat a chocolate bar while you have strep throat?

That is a very good option. But not too much, after you get well and please brush the teeth after you eat the chocolate.