Is it good to eat liver during pregnancy?


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consider liver has a lot of iron

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Yes, you can eat walnuts during pregnancy! Rather it is a good idea to eat walnut during pregnancy as they boost brain development and stave off nausea.

Ask your doctor f it's safe for you.

Tofu is very good to eat during pregnancy. It has vitamins in it and it is natural.

yes.. cook and eat... mushrooms have zinc and is good during pregnancy..

Yes you can eat all fruits during pregnancy.

Beet roots are very good to be eaten during pregnancy. It contains iron and it need to be supplemented during the pregnancy.

It is most probably risky to eat papaya during pregnancy. This fruit is associated with increased incidences of abortions on numerous occasions.

is it ok to eat crab and lobster during pregnancy?

can you eat rye bread during pregnancy

Yes. It is safe to eat cheese during pregnancy.

Absolutely. Vitamin C is good for you.

Yes, all fruits are especially good for you to eat during the entire pregnancy.

Yes. You can safely eat the ripe banana during pregnancy.

no. it is called liver because it is the liver of a cow.

Yes. They are a good source of folate and necessary fats.

It is safe to eat plantain during pregnancy because it does no harm to you and your baby.

Your not supposed to eat any sea food during pregnancy

You can eat tofu during pregnancy. You should not eat sushi with your tofu. Sushi has too many bacteria in it for you to eat.

U can but it is better not to eat fish or any seafood during pregnancy

They say that bee honey is good to eat at any time. However, there is no scientific proof of that fact.

proteins foods taken during pregnancy..........

Yes you can safely eat fruits during pregnancy.

Your doctor will tell you what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy. Mercury is found in fish and is not safe to eat while pregnant.

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