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Yes, many videos are created by using a digital camera. Although, it would be a good idea to upload the video file to your computer, use a video editor, and then upload it onto YouTube so that your video will seem professional looking instead of a rough draft look.

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How do you record yourself to be on YouTube?

All you have to do is take a video camera and record yourself. Then upload the video on Youtube.

How do you get a video onto YouTube with a video camera?

you put it on your computer then go to upload and find it in your file ,trust me i have a youtube account andi made a video using a video camera

How to make a chess video ON YouTube?

make a video, get a youtube account, and then upload it from yoru camera onto your computer, then upload it onto your account and then put it out there for the world!!!

How do you upload a music video on YouTube in HQ?

To do it in HQ you must have a certain camera.

What cameras are YouTube compatible?

Every camera that records is compatible with youtube. If it is a webcam, just upload the file. If it is a camorder, use a video software to upload your video from the camorder to the computer.

Webcam truth or dare?

lick video camerastrip on camRecord video and upload on youtube

How do you make your own video and put it on youtube on mopviestarplanet?

point a video camera at the computer screen and then upload it

I got a YouTube aconount but where do you go and how do you make a YouTube video?

You use a video camera, digital camera's video function, cell phone, or your assemble a slide show. You can use windows movie maker which should come with your system, or find a freeware video editor. Then you upload it.

How do you upload nba 2k11 videos to YouTube?

Record the games from the camera or the device you put the video on and put the file on your computer. Upload the file onto youtube.

How do you upload a video to YouTube on an iPad?

Unfortunately, you cannot upload a video to YouTube from an iPad.

How do you film your self for YouTube?

well if u have a camera film yourself doing whatever and plug your camera into the computer and put the video on your computer and go on youtube make a account and upload the video

Can you upload a video onto YouTube without using a camera?

Yes if you get any video converter or windows movie maker!

How do you add a link to a video on YouTube?

press the upload thing on youtube and press upload a video.

When you upload a video on Youtube do you have to pay for the MBs it uses?

No, you do not have to pay nothing to upload a video to YouTube.

How can i upload my videos on YouTube?

You can upload your videos onto YouTube by editing your video by using a video editor software first. You can then save your project and login to YouTube and upload your video by using the upload button to the right of the YouTube search bar.

Heres the question how do u make a YouTube video?

well you have to have a account on youtube then after that on the top of the page you will see something that says upload then you can upload a video from your camera or you could make one by using your computer web cam

How do i record my own videos for YouTube?

You have to have a Ipod that can tape videos or a video camera when you`re done filming a video you upload it to your computer then you have to sign up for youtube and you press "upload" and you go and find your video you recorded on your computer then click on it twice then there you go! :)

How do i upload a video to mediafire from YouTube?

Use some software to download the Video from YouTubeUpload it to Mediafire

How can you make YouTube videos?

You make a video on a camera or webcam, save it to your computer, make a youtube account, click upload, and follow the directions.

How do you upload an video on YouTube?

You Get a YouTube account, then click "Upload" then click on the button to select a video, then select the video you want to upload and then it will upload. Make any changes you want to the video then click "Save" and you are finished! :)

How do you put funny videos on YouTube?

the same as you put any video on youtube! click upload then upload video

How do you upload a video to YouTube from your phone?

well you go to settings and you type in youtube and then you type video and then type upload and there you have it!

How do you put videos from your computer to YouTube?

go onto YouTube click upload then upload video then browse for your video

How do you put videos on to YouTube?

click upload then upload video then find the video

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