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It is disliked ..(makrooh) ...Prayers (Salaat) is extremely important and it is a pillar of Islam (islam is based on 5 pillars). Prayer is the first matter muslims will be asked about on Judgment Day. It pleases Allah (God) that we pray on time.


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All alcohols are Haram in Islam plus anything that hurts you to drink or poisons you of course.

Answer 1No, eating shrimp is not haram in Islam. It is allowed per Islam teachings to eat all kinds of sea food.Answer 2It depends on the school of Islam. In Sunni Islam, the Maliki, Hanbali, and Shafi'i schools all permit (halal) the consumption of shrimp. The Hanafi school prohibits (haram) the consumption of shrimp. Shiites also believe that shrimp is haram.

No, seaweed is not haram in Islam. It is allowed to be eaten by Muslims as well as all sea food. Even in the Hanafi School of Sunni Islam and in Shiite Islam, which are more restrictive when it comes to seafood, there is no prohibition on seaweed.

No it is not haram so long the food itself is not haram. Haram is prohibited all the times including sex times and halal is allowed all the times. It is your choice that makes it Halal or Haram depending on what you do or eat! Please educate yourself about Islam. See these links.

Islamis a religion based on love. Almighty Allah created us and loves us all. Having sex without lawful marriage is haram in Islam. Mixing of men and women in a function is also haram in Islam.

Prawn is halal in Islam. All fish and sea food types are halal in Islam except what is proved to be poisonous.

Assalam-o-Alikum First of all unhalal meat is prohibited (haram)in Islam and if something haram you will get's good for a muslim to eat haram and it's unhealthy...

Haram earning is earning that is obtained through forbidden acts per Islam religion, such as gambling, selling alcohols, robbery, cheating, etc.. Illegal earning is earning that is obtained through unlawful acts such as robbery. All illegal earnings are haram earnings per Islam religion. However, in some countries not all haram earning are illegal earnings. For example, in some countries, gambling and alcohol selling earnings are haram per Islam religion but legal in these countries.

No. Not at all. Islam dislikes statues. They are Haram in Islam. Islam is strictly against idol worship. Islam taches to worship One and Only God (Allah) Who has No Associate whatsoever.

Makkah Mukarrama is the Holiest City of Islam as the holiest mosque in Islam, the Masjidil Haram is situated in Makkah Mukarrama. And within Masjidil Haram is the holy Ka'abah in which direction all Muslims in the world shall have to face to during their Daily Prayers, 5 times a day, as well as during other additional prayers. There are 2 other holy cities in Islam, i.e. Medinah Mukarrama(in Saudi Arabia) & Baitumaqdis (Jerusalem) in Palestine. The Ka'abah was originally built by Adam [as] and subsequently rebuilt by Abraham [as] & his son Ismail [as], renovated by various Islamic leaders until during Prophet Muhammad's [SallALLAHU Alayhi Wasallam] period. Makkah Mukarrama also happens to be where Muhammad [SallALLAHU Alayhi Wasallam] was born and at the age of 40 years was ordained by Allah through the Angel Gabriel [as] as the Last Messenger of Allah to spread the words of Allah and the tennets & teachings of Islam. During the Hajj pilgrimage season Makkah Mukarrama becomes the focal point for all Muslims to converge and perform the yearly rituals of Hajj in Arafah, Musdhalifah, Mina and Masjidil Haram, at least once in their lifetime.

All seafood, including crabs, is halal in Islam. In addition, during 'Ihram' period for Hajj or Omra (minor Hajj) fishing is allowed nut hunting ground animals is haram and is forbidden. see the related question listed below for more information.

No it is not Haram. It is allowed per Islam religion for a Muslim man to marry his female cousin.the only daughter of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married to her cousin Ali (PBUH).Answer:Not haram at all.Cousins are fair game.Go for it.

Think of the 10 commandments. All of them are haram (forbidden) in both Islam and Christianity.

In Islam, Muslims (followers of islam) pray five times a day. They bow down to God and read prayers. This is called Namaz. During differernt times of the day, Muslims different amounts of prayers. It is one of the five pillars of Islam, this means that it is compulsory upon all Muslims after the age of puberty.

All beasts of prey, dog, lion, jackal etc. are Haram in Islam. Swine is the most detestable of the creatures.

Assalam-U-Alaikum My All muslim brothers And sisters.... As Far as all muslims Know that Date Is not haram in ISLAM.1.Its reason is this that it has not got any bad and Dirty thing in It.2.We start the roza By Eating Date.And3.Hazoor(S.A.W.W) Eated it in ramadan And it was the only Diet. Accept Meat, Chicken,Milk,And Water

It is not clear what is meant by reservation. You may make reservation for traveling or hotel room reservation for accommodation. This is not haram at all and is allowed per Islam rules and teachings. However, it is not allowed to reserve goods and food to create black market or to cause price raise up or to create crisis.

All intoxicants which affect the senses and result in the loss of common sense are Haram/unlawful in Islam, be they in small quantity or in large quantity.

All prayers are daily communal worship but special day if Friday for Jumma prayer .

Dating is haram (banned and is not allowed) in Islam religion per explicit God commands in Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Sunnah (sayings and practices). All kinds of sex (intercourse sex or oral sex) are not allowed; per Islam religion teachings; to be practiced outside licit marriage.

Pray all five prayers each day.Complete all five Pillars of Islam. (People who are too poor do not have to complete Hajj)Have belief in Islam and all things Islamic.Believe in The Almighty Allah- The ONLY God in Islam.

The kind of programs you watch on TV decides if it's halal or haram. All useful & interesting programs are halal as long as they are respectful & do not oppose the Islamic morals. so, in conclusion you are the decision maker & the judge on yourself.

According to the majority of scholars, all movies are forbidden, except the ones that are true stories-documentaries. This is because acting is also haram-a form of lying. Movies blur the line of reality and encourage haram things.

By following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Reading the Quran and doing all five prayers daily.

A possession in Islam is the same in any other religion or culture on condition that it should be Halal "not stolen or not made of any thing that is Haram "prohibited" in Islam. This applies to food, cars, properties .... etc. Islam encourages trading between people and nations, ecourages science, discoveries... etc. All that is good for human being is encouraged by Islam.

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