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No. All colleges now accept both publicly schooled, privately schooled, and home schooled children. Scores on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are used to identify how much students have learned.

No,it is not hard to get into college if you have been home schooled. I am a freshman this year at Northland Baptist Bible College. I did not find it hard to get into college. Many colleges these days are open to home schoolers coming to their schools. Sometimes you have to provide a little more information on your grades, but that is it. No, it is not hard. Just ask the school you are interested in going to how they work with home schoolers. I am sure that they would love to answer your questions. Good luck!

Quite true! Many colleges and universities are now actively recruiting homeschoolers and Harvard routinely accepts homeschooled applicants. I agree that you do need to check with the school you are interested in attending to find out what their requirements for admitting homeschooled applicants are. Best of luck!

Homeschooling is actually quite good on a resume, I believe, because I have been home schooled for five years in a row, and so far it has been good for me.

Homeschooling looks quite good to universities. It shows self motivation, interest in education, and usually a unique transcript. I've been homeschooled for a while, and have been able to take classes such as Genetics, Shakespeare, and Latin in addition to core classes. Excellent for helping you stand out and put you over the top!


I met a lady once who had 3 kids and homeschooled all of them. One graduated from Harvard with honors, one graduated from one of the best engineering/technical schools in the country and now works for the military, and one is a movie producer in Hollywood. Go figure!

In general, yes. There is a factor of bias regarding your grades, and you cannot be compared to your peers as easily (class rank, availability of courses, etc). However, SAT, SAT subject tests, ACT, AP/IB scores, if strong, will always work in your favor. Colleges also want diversity in their student population, which may cause being homeschooled to work in your favor.

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Q: Is it harder to get into colleges if you are homeschooled?
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