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Not necesarily. My sister-in-law had 2 miscarriages and then had 2 healthy children. It should not be any harder to get pregnant either because having a miscarriage does not affect ovulation. You should however wait for a while after a miscarriage to try to conceive again because your body needs a chance to rest. Try to relax and don't worry. If you do have any more miscarriages, contact your doctor or an OB because there are so many medical advances now that some miscarriages can be prevented (such as in the case of an incompetent cervix). Take care.

It does depend on what caused the other miscarriages. If it is from something like an lupus or poor hormone levels in the mother, the miscarriages can recur. You aren't usually considered to be a 'habitual aborter' - a dreadful term- until your third consecutive miscarriage.

Usually the next pregnancy will be fine. My own experience is of two miscarriages, followed by a very long time - five years - because it was so scary to face another possible loss. Everything did go well, though, in the next pregnancy and now I have a houseful of precious children!

I have had 4 living babys and 5 miscarriages. I have never found it hard to get pregnant, but it is hard once you are because you never know if you are goingto miscarrage of not. it may happen or it may not. My docotor tested one of my miscarrages to see if they could find a cause and turn up nothing. if you do get pregnant hope for the best and take care. the only way to find out is to try I know it is hard to go though, but a living child makes the risk all worth it. Good luck

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You should not think that getting conceive even you get miscarriages. If you stringent the fetus with vital vitamin like Folic acid and B12 will improve strength and able to get pregnant.

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Q: Is it harder to get pregnant after two miscarriages and will it happen again?
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How much to wait after a miscarriage before getting pregnant again?

You should wait for at least three months before getting pregnant again. Your doctor will do some tests to prevent further miscarriages.

How many miscarriages can a women normally have before serious medical problems?

Typically after three miscarriages. After three, your doctors will take more precautions when you become pregnant. For example, more blood tests for progesterone, cysts, cervical conditions... If you are trying to conceive then you may have to begin certain treatments before you become pregnant again.

If you ejaculate in a women and she pregnant what will happen?

Nothing changes, as she is pregnant already, she cant get pregnant again until after the child is born.

Can miscarriages affect future pregnancy?

Depends on why you miscarry if we are talking about natural miscarriages. If the problem is still there then yes it can happen again. If it happens in the first trimester, which is most common and is because something is wrong with the fetus, most likely it will not affect future pregnancies. If we are talking induced miscarriages aka abortion also no, unless you have complications.

How common is a delayed miscarriage?

There are 250,000 miscarriages every year in the UK. 1% of them are missed or delayed miscarriages. We do not hear a lot about it but in hospitals they find it "very" common. I had a scan last week and there was no heartbeat. I had a D&C two days later. I am still recovering physically and emotionally. Apparently, the main cause is chromosomic. This type of miscarriage can happen to anyone. But, it does not mean that it will happen again and again.

You are 41 have two healthy children and have just had two miscarriages in a row What are your chances of getting pregnant again now?

Your chance of conceiving again is very good. Your chance of producing a baby is not very good - age is a factor.

If you have a miscarriage is it harder to get pregnant again?

Sometimes a miscarriage can happen as a result of medical conditions that prevent the woman form ever having children. However many women have miscarried, and later been able to have healthy children.

What can happen if you drink alcohol before finding out whether you are pregnant?

forgive yourself and dont do it again

Does a month pregnant easily get miscarriage?

From what I understand most miscarriages happen prior to entering your second trimester. Miscarriages are somewhat common, many doctors stating 1 out of 5 pregnancies end up in a miscarriage. It is usually not due to anything you did but natures way of ending something that wasn't meant to be. Also, remember that many of these the pregnant women don't even realize they had a miscarriage and mistake it for their normal monthly period. I had a miscarriage at 4 weeks and my doctor told me it was not uncommon and that a previous miscarriage will not make me more likely to miscarry again. Be positive and good luck.

I have had 4 miscarriages and I just found out that I am pregnant again I am about 6 weeks and I have been having light brown spotting all day and sometimes it has been red some heavier than other?

See the doctor

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No, she is not pregnant again. She is pregnant as of Feb 12 she did announce that she is pregnant with her second child.

I had a baby and havent had a period could i be pregnant again?

Its unlikely but it can happen. There is a 3% chance of it happening but it still could.

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What are the chances of pregnancy with a tubal?

I had my tubes cut tied and burnt in Sept 03. I got pregnant with my son in June of 06. The doctor swore i had a hole in my tubes and that it would never happen again. I was pregnant again in August of 07. I miscarried that baby. The doctor still stuck by his word that my tubes were still tied it wouldn't happen again. I am now pregnant for the third time since my tubal. Guess the doc was wrong.

Had a miscarriage in may08 pregnant again should miscarriage be a concern?

Not necessarily. A miscarriage can happen during a woman's first or fourth pregnancy. There is always a chance, but you shouldn't stress yourself out about it happening again every time you become pregnant.

Is it possible to a ligate women to get pregnant again?

how can i be pregnant again im ligate

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Nothing. You can't get pregnant again.

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Anyone every had a missed miscarriage and got pregnant again without knowing you had ever miscarried?

yes. many miscarriages are missed b/c they miscarry before the woman even knew she was pregnant. the body doesn't like to bring messed up babies into the world, so if it is really messed up, it will miscarry

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Can a pregnant woman get pregnant again during pregnancy?


Can you get pregnant again if you're already pregnant?

No, you cannot.